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November is National Native American Heritage Month By Debra Rincon Lopez

We must remember to Celebrate all Tribes this Thanksgiving Holiday. We don't have to Celebrate the discovery of Christopher Columbus, We can celebrate our Ancestor's for our Heritage and Traditions for all of us to celebrate today in the year of 2009! I know that I am so proud to be Native American and I will make sure that my son's and daughter's will remember our Native American ancestor's that fought to keep our Nations alive and our Tribal Lands as best as they could. We have so much to CELEBRATE THIS YEAR. OUR TRIBAL HERITAGE AND THE FUTURE OF OUR PEOPLE AND LANDS IN THE UNITED STATES AND OUR TRIBAL GOVT'S AND OTHER ISSUES THAT WE HAVE PROSPERED AND CELEBRATE OUR FAMILIES AND MANY MORE YEARS IN THE FUTURE, THINGS THAT NEED TO BE CHANGED WILL BE CHANGED BY US ALL! Thanks from Debra Rincon Lopez & family from Portland Oregon, USA. KLAMATH & BLACKFEET TRIBAL MEMBER

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