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Taino Native American Association in 1991

Takahi My Relatives I wish here to share a rare glimpse at the inner workings of the Caney Circle over 20 yeas ago. This is a copy of several attachments that accompanied the minutes of the board meeting of the Caney Circle that occurred on October 28 1991. In that meeting I as the chief behike of the Caney announced to our governing body that I had established contact with a newly formed organization of Tainos in New York City called  the TAINO NATIVE AMERICAN ASSOCIATION (Asociacion Indigena Taina). Among the leading members of that organization were Domingo Turey Hernandez, Naniki, Rene Cibanakan Marcano and Edgar Rodriguez. On the day of the Caney Circle board meeting I included these attachments to my report. The attachments include a copy of the informational bulletin that the Asociacion had published in July of 1991. In this bulletin the organization informs its members that there had been a meeting of its ruling body on July 5 1991. My attachments also include a personal letter sent to me by one of the leading officials of the organization on organization letterhead in April of that year inviting me to a meeting at the Heye Foundation Museum Of The American Indian which was located in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan at that time. The organizations official who invited me to this meeting in behalf of the Taino Native American Association was Rene Cibanakan Marcano. Cibanakan split off from the Asociacion in 1992 to form his own organization called NACION TAINA DE LAS ANTILLAS. At that point the Asociacion morphed into the current community called Yukayeke Maisiti Taino. Please note below a video filmed in 1992 of a Caney Circle Full Moon Ceremony held in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania which was attended by leading members of the Taino Native American Association including Naniki Lugo, Edgar Rodriguez and Domingo Turey Hernandez.


Attachment #1 text file 4%20meeting%20minutes%2010-28-1991%20attachment%20%231.doc

attachments #2 through #6 photos:

attachment #7 Video record:

attachment #8 photo:

Miguel Sobaoko Koromo Sague

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Comment by Jeffry Johnson on January 29, 2018 at 2:46pm

Beautiful beginnings! 


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