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We Celebrated Day Of The Dead in Washington County PA Saturday Nov 3 2012

Takaji My Relatives

It was a wonderful honor for me to guide our Day Of The Dead Ceremony this year at the Ringland Sanctuary in Washington County, Pennsylvania, the home of our friend Sol Shanti and his family, on the evening of Saturday November 3, 2012.

I got a ride south to the community of Amity, PA from our sister Nancy with whom I had the honor of sharing Fall Equinox Ceremony during the three-day Areyto dance organized by our brother Akichitai back in September.

We were joined by Peaceburgh community members mostly from the Pittsburgh area, as well as our brother Chris Sibaboinael Hansen and his wife Sally all the way from hurricane-struck New Jersey.

Our ceremony included the traditional burning of the sacred fire floating on a pool of water within a large copper cauldron that our brother Sol Shanti provided for us from one of the barns which stand on this 250-acre farm where he lives with his beautiful family.

 We normally celebrate a similar sacred floating guatu fire ceremony on a smaller scale when we honor an individual loved one who is recently departed.


But this evening the CoaiBai was created out of whole corn tortillas instead of cornhusks and it was floated in Sol's enormous copper cauldron to honor the hupia souls of all the loved departed ones that were being remembered on that day by all of the celebrants of our ceremony.




 The ceremony began as usual with the setting up of the sacred objects, sacred food mothers in the four directions green squash in the South, black beans in the West, white casabe yuca bread in the North and yellow maize kernels in the East, the holy semies of Ata Bey and Yoka Hu as well as a beautiful altar upon which we placed the photos of many of the departed loved ones of the participants.

 We shared in the tobacco ceremony and passed Sol's wooden pipe around the circle offering our prayers in the sacred smoke of the tobacco spirit.

After the rituals we shared generously with some of the most deliscious covered dishes that have been brought to ceremony.


I want to send a big Bo Matun to all of the beautiful people who shared this great ceremony with us and also to our friends Sol, Cherylann and their sweet children for inviting us into their grand old house.

Seneko kakona (Many Blessings)

Taino Ti







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Comment by Miguel Sague Jr on November 7, 2012 at 10:37pm

Takaji my relatives it is a joy to hear from you and I appreciate your comments here very much and from the heart.

My sister Rose you know that any expression of this ritual no matter how modest, if done with true sincerity is worthy of praise and reaches the sacred semies with equal strength. Thank you for sharing your private experience in your home as you remembered your loved ones and know that I hold you and your efforts in extremely high regard. Many blessings beike!

Taino Ti


Comment by Dr. Rose M. Xochitl AnaO Quinone on November 6, 2012 at 10:09pm

Hahom Beike Miguel for sharing the Memorial Ceremony of  the Dead. Our ceremony had an abbreviated format, it wasn't as elaborate. However, according to your instructions, I followed them and improvised. Those who had agreed to attending the ceremony were all sick!! Nonetheless, Gail and I remembered family members and special people who had made an impact in our lives who crossed over.  We talked about the influence, prayed all, including my Taino aunt who had started her journey to Coabei two days earlier. I recited some prayers to the ancestors for her journey and for those loved ones who had been enjoying the Afterlife with no strife. My aunt had never met my brother who crossed one year ago, he can now welcome her with the ancestors. Gail and I have been blessed. As a new Beike, I count on you for assistance.

Seneko kakona

Taino Ti, Rose 

Comment by Tenanche Semiata Rose Golden on November 5, 2012 at 10:30am

Dear Brother Miguel,

Looks like it was a lovely ceremony in honor of the ancestors. Sorry I missed it. I hope to attend next year.

Seneko kakona,

Taino Ti


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