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We Celebrated Taino Full Moon Ceremony in Pittsburgh area with our LancasterTaino relatives Nov 2013

Takaji My Relatives

It was a wonderful honor for us here at the Verona Pennsylvania Teaching Lodge of the CANEY INDIGENOUS SPIRITUAL CIRCLE to host our Taino tiaos (relatives) here in the Pittsburgh area for the first time at Full Moon Ceremony on Sunday November17, 2013.

The ceremony was attended by a number of our dear friends from the Peaceburgh community, including our own Behike Bibi Tenanche Semiata and our sister Vikki Hanchin, as well as our two other sisters Cherylann Hawk and Emily Tokarczk.

We were honored this month by the attendance at our ceremony of the chief of the Yukayeke Manicato Taino community of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Kasike Guatu Iri  who came to the Pittsburgh area accompanied by his sister, our own Taino CANEY INDIGENOUS SPIRITUAL CIRCLE behike-in-training Erlinda (Toa Cao) Mother Crow .

These two Boricua relatives spent the day with me visiting some scenic areas of Pittsburgh before joining our group for the ceremony in the evening.

We were honored by our sister Erlinda Mother Crow as she assumed the responsibility of lighting the two sacred flames that represent the double light of the full moon and recited the sacred words "WE WOMEN HAVE WITHIN US THE RHYTHM OF THE UNIVERSE".  She was assisted, as usual by my wife Leni who normally guides guest women selected for that honor through the ritual and the prayers.

We offered special prayers during the ceremony for a number of special causes, including our sister Gayle in Youngstown who was being cared for by Behike Rosa AnaO Quinones.

I want to honor all of the members of our little congregation on that Sunday evening, who brought the strength and energy of their spiritual power and contributed to the sanctity of our ceremony.

Seneko kakona

Taino Ti



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Comment by Miguel Sague Jr on December 2, 2013 at 1:49am

Jan Jan Katu brother for sharing this personal experience with the rest of us. Its a wonderful examplefor all of our beikes to follow.

Comment by AkuTurey on December 2, 2013 at 1:18am

"Taino ti guakia kua,taino ti guakia kua,areito,areito turey,areito ,areito Atabey..."   I've sung that many times during the full moons,and also when I want to give a sample to others unfamiliar with our songs,a little sample.(thanks to Beike who gave me the tape,so I could memorize it!)


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