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When is abusive behavior acceptable?

These questions have been running around my head for a couple of weeks now... I had to put them out there. Just thoughts to ponder....

Is the good that a person does reason enough to accept abuse and disrespect from them?

Does the fact that a person chooses to sacrifice and give so much of his/her time and effort to a people, compensate for that person becoming dictatorial or tyrannical?

Do great strides allow a government the freedom to trample upon rights they claim to defend?

Should we over look the violations committed by leadership because of the "good" that leadership does for the people as a whole?

Should we care about the "few eggs" that get cracked when the group, as a whole, enjoys the omelet?

Do we care about these "eggs" only when they are us, or someone we care about? Where does our responsibility to each other begin and end?

Does presence and effectiveness as a world leader allow said leader to impinge on people's individual rights for their personal understanding of what is good for the "constituency"? Or should this leader ask the constituency, first?

Where does one draw the line between "necessary losses" and "tyranny"? How much "abuse" is acceptable? Criticism? Debasement? Ostracism? Censorship? Exile? When does one say "enough"?

Today most everything we enjoy has been the product of industrialization by western civilization. We travel in trains, planes and automobiles. We shop for our food, which comes attractively prepackaged our clothing ready made and our perfumed toiletries in tubes, boxes and bottles. We live in homes built by construction companies with indoor plumbing, dishwashers, stoves and microwave ovens. We wash and dry our clothes in machines. We are born in hospitals and some of us are alive because of organ transplants, mechanized heart pumps and insulin injections- thanks to the technology of this present society. We work for incorporated companies and get paid by direct deposit. We pay with plastic cards and money we never see. We use cell phones and GPS systems, a/c and plasma tvs... we post our opinions in forums and blogs on the internet from our laptops in wi-fi coffee shops and from our living room couch.

Do all these comforts, conveniences and benefits make the damage colonization has brought about ok? Does it make up for the damage done? Should it be necessary to accept the same from present leadership?

Should a person accept abuse just because the perpetrator fulfills any physical or emotional needs?

Is it ok to expect other folks to put up with abuse so that I can benefit from the good work that the abuser has done for my social group?

Should I accept shame, debasement and exile so that the abuser doesn't feel threatened nor be held accountable for his/her questionable actions? Should I expect this from others?

One can come to an answer instinctively when considering only local social clubs and interactions, but when a whole society can be held at ransom, these questions seem to carry more weight...

Does it?

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Comment by Caracoli on May 11, 2009 at 11:02pm
Taino Ti

Good questions, similar ones have been asked by others since the resurgence movement started.

Its really complicated,

one wants to air grievances but at the same time criticism is taken as an excuse to be divisive.

From our Maestro Bob Marley

"You can fool some of the people sometime but you can't fool all the people all of the time"

I personally think that dialouge is important and grievances should be addressed and not glossed over.

Nobody wants to hear that they are acting wrong so I'm changing the away I the approach people in the future.

I personally will have more restraint for those I disagree with.

That's a big change for me


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