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At 11:50am on January 22, 2009, Danielle Campos said…
Just stopping by to say hi! Hope you have a great day
At 12:03pm on January 21, 2009, Ivy said…
You probably don't know her, as she keeps very much to herself, but she lives on Vietor Ave. It's always such a drag trying to find parking on that street when we go to visit her!!
At 1:28pm on January 20, 2009, Juan Almonte said…
Damn! I cant find my list. Anytime I saw a actor or singer. I would detirm if they had native ancestry and look them up. Like I said I was batting 100%. The one person I did not look up but I was told was half native american was chuck norris. He was not on my list. I my list I only had folks that I saw and knew and then confirmed. But chuck norrris is indeed native deccent. His mom is half cherokee and half irish and the dad is also the same 50/50 irsh and cherokee. So that would make chuck in my opionion 50% native. If find my list I will let you know who else. But I am sure once I see these celebs I will just see the native in them I will confirm and let you know.
At 3:58am on January 20, 2009, Juan Almonte said…
And actually I agree with you there are alot more. Not only in north america but in the rest of the continent.

have a good night brother.
At 3:51am on January 20, 2009, Juan Almonte said…
Yes, brother. I actually already did that. Nice job on your part.

I hope no one reads this, LOL.... But a 2yo ago when i became intersted in anthropolgy I was picking who I can tell had native ancestry. John depp was the fist and all the poeple you have on you list as well. Except for the baseball player. I dont know who he was. By the way when i did that I was batting 100%.

No disrepect to alaska, canada and the USA native peoples. But I belive if you was to add up all the amerdian from mexico, central and south american (including the caribbean ofcourse) We be alot more than them.
At 3:28am on January 20, 2009, Juan Almonte said…
Hey nice list of star with amerdian ancestry. The taino and amerdian from mexico, central and south america would be way too looooooong, LOL.....

There are few more you can add. Johny depp I hate to say that one is just too obvious. That dude has indian all over his face. Burt Reynolds, angelina Jolie, heather lockier, billy bob thorton There is a guy from star gate. Forgot his name He is half african american and half native american.
At 11:14am on January 16, 2009, Ivy said…
I just noticed that you live in Elmhurst. My grandmother lives there, off of Broadway. It's nice that it's so close to Jackson Heights where there are lots of good restaurants!
At 11:11am on January 16, 2009, Ivy said…
Thank you, Kutubanama, I appreciate it! But I won't get to meet the little one until August. It's funny you sent me a pic of bohillos, I was just searching for that song "Cuando Llegare Al Bohillo" yesterday to put on my profile!
At 8:19pm on January 14, 2009, George Simon said…
Just let me know when you have decided to come over..but try to make your visit in the dry season ..

a visit to the Rupununi Savannahs and to Brizil can be an exciting experience..
At 3:01am on January 13, 2009, Caracoli said…
Guakia Baba (Our Father)

turey toca (is in sky)

Guami-ke-ni (Lord of land and water)

Guami-caraya-guey (Lord of moon and sun)

guarico (come to) guakia (us), taino-ti (good,tall)

bo-matum; (big,generous), busica (give to), guakia (us)

Yucubia-aje-cazabi; (tubercles,bread)

Huracan-wa (bad spirit no),

Maboya-wa (ghost no),

Yukiyu-han; (good spirit yes),

nabori daca (servant am I),

Han-Han Catu (So be it
At 2:05am on January 13, 2009, Danielle Campos said…
I just wanted to stop by to let you know that I really enjoy reading your posts and learning from you. You are very knowledgeable and seem like a great person :)
At 6:29am on January 12, 2009, George Simon said…
Certainly, you are welcome to visit us in Guyana. I will be happy to take you to my village and to Anna Catherina.
At 7:17pm on January 11, 2009, Juan Almonte said…
Hey brother, no dought. By the way good post on the discussion.
At 5:12am on January 8, 2009, Juan Almonte said…
Yeah, I actually saw the guika baba a while back. I noticed some of the updates.

As you know I had a subject that I was researching. That will be put to the side. I will try to use as much of my spare time to see how much of language I can learn. I seen tain online dictionary. They have 8 or more years saying they are going to update but so far nothing. I do have some stuff printed out that I will look into.

No dought I will share what I learn. But obviosly your the teacher and I will be the student.
At 4:08am on January 8, 2009, Juan Almonte said…
I love when I see you guys post and use taino words, with its translation. My mom was impressed when I prayed the Guika baba in taino.

I have taino dictionarys that I have to to memorise. J
At 2:49am on January 8, 2009, Juan Almonte said…
Thanx again.

Man I got to learn more taino words. I want to see it and hear it with out having to see the translation.

Thanx again brother.
At 2:18am on January 8, 2009, Juan Almonte said…
I hit add comment by mistake.

Yeah thanx for the compliment. I am planning on putting more brave warrios up there. They should be honored and never ever fogotten.

I heard of the eagle and condor prophesy a while back. I found it intersting. Thanx for posting those two pictures they are beatiful...
At 2:15am on January 8, 2009, Juan Almonte said…
Happy new years brother. We diffently going to make this new years the rockist of them all. No worries brother, as they say better late than never......

I see your point. But from what Jorge told me its only 15 to 18%. I will be honest with you. Anything above that would surprise me. This number to me sound about right. I told non taino dominicans and even they told me this number sound realistic.
At 9:25pm on December 23, 2008, Juan Almonte said…
Hey brother, Very true they were mostly concerened with male.But this depends on the region. Like in brazil alot more men were brought there. If men died they just got replaced. But in north america african women were in high demand compared to the rest of the continent. And they were also breeded in the caribbean. My computer needed to be reimaged and I never backed up any of the sources that I can use. If I find it I will post it.

I dont think that we will ever have a acurate number for the fact that puerto ricans, cuban and domicans do migrate,. Even to places in europe or asia. My father has a cousin that actually lives in japan or china.

You wrote" I believe the numbers came close to 45%."

This number is a census or is it based on dna? I am sure during maybe 1600 our people number in kiskeya could have been that much.But I honestly dought that in recent years we are 45% of the dominican population. I belive to many folks migrated to our island and that there was just huge amount of africans who I am sure did not all mix. German jews, italians, japs and chinese did not all mix.

I did see Jorge Estevez today. I think he said the number was 17 or 20%. That number to me sound more realistic. Than 45%.

I am just amazed how much I have learned from chatting with our boriken and cuban brothers. I am stunned on how much of the taino names in kiskeya we have for villages, places etc etc. They have in the other island. Like just now you menionted Baracoa in cuba. There is a baracoa in kiskeya too. A boriken sister in this site also told me there is a cibao in boriken. I am stuned at these things. How said is this. They have truly robbed us of our history.

You wrote"The reason for the numbers being lower there is because "Bohio" was the site of the worst massacres and attrocities against our people, but I believe the numbers were pretty high even though back in 1997"

Are you using bohio as the whole island or are you refering to a region. When you talk about the worst massare and atrocities you are mentioning the first arrival of the spaniords right? I just want to make sure I understand. Cause so far your email have been very educational. I wouldnt want you to assume that I know something that I dont and skip on a bit of history.

Prof. Jose Hatuey Barreiro,Yes, I heard and read some of his stuff. Good stuff

You wrote"To answer a question you gave me back in Nov 29 (Sorry for the delay), the last sentence was actually in Taino in CAPITAL LETTERS. The translation is (In parenthesis)."

I reread that comment. But I can figure out what you are responding too.

You wrote"As I find more info, I'll share it with you. Anything you can find out as well will be greatly appreciated and welcome. Stay awesome, my brother!!!"

Please do. I will do the same. You the man!!! Taino pride my brother.
At 6:00pm on December 22, 2008, Juan Almonte said…
Ruben one more thing. If there were no african and caucasion women brought to boriken and especially cuba and kiskeya. Every person in these island would be of taino ancestory. When infact in DR only 15% of the poulation has taino ancestory, boriken a very high 61% but still 39 are not taino. Cuba 33%.

So much for all this talk that we are all tri-racial thats another myth.

In my opinion only talking about tainos here. Tainos could be taino and african, taino and europeans or triracial. But I thought that we are all triracials. I think many of us could be two or even one race.

As for the non tainos many obviously could be pure blacks, pure caucasions or a admixture of those two. But keep in mind we also have arabs, jap, chinese, jews etc etc. Who were not counted.


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