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At 11:54pm on August 25, 2008, adem medina cardona said…
yes, Barrio Cibao is where San Sebastian, Lares, Camuy and Quebradillas come together. So many familiar names I find throughout the islands!
At 11:51pm on August 25, 2008, AkuTurey said…
Hello Juan,and you haven't heard me "wail"on the electric guitar!Kidding,but I do.Juan,I don't have a camera,and my computer is out-of-date,otherwise I'd have a lot of nice Taino pictures and stuff-soon.,,that's why I put up what I had of pictures.Yo naci aqui,pero por lo menos me defiendo bastante bien en Espanol,creo yo!-No se por que pero este ano,he conocido una cuantas Dominicanas...y NO me estoy quejando!Mira cuando quieras me preguntas lo que quiera,y sabes,el Behike del"Caney Spirtual Circle"-lo encuentra aqui,entre los grupos,else llama Miguel Sobaoko Koromo Sague-busque lo,no te arrepentiras,el sabe tanto,el tipo es un"genio" de verdad,y el es mi Behike,y si Dios quiere pronto sera el Representante de du Organizacion,aquiu en "Upstate,New York,donde vivo.Hay tanto de aprender,pero de verdad,es una gran satisfaccion.Bueno hermano,no tengo Casino,desenfortunadamente!,pero por lo menos lo lusco,no?!!En placer en conocerte,Taino ti,
Frank AkuTurey
At 2:52pm on August 25, 2008, Juan Almonte said…
Yeah I saw your friend request and accepted. Thanx.

Ruben I posted to you on lynne page. Again I am still not familir with the site. So not sure if you will see that message. But more or less the below is what I wrote.

Ruben I have incountered the same thing in my family. My mom has told me we should be proud of our indian blood. But then I ask questions she turns around and tells me why you want to know about that stuff! Open a bible or something. Like I said before, even though I knew of my native roots. I learned more from Jorge this is also including his adivice on how to approach family and from a teacher I had living in the village when I was a youngster.

I mean in DR you have people that look like jorge and my family memebers walking around saying that there are no more indians. They dont know that they are the indians.

I actully posted on lynns page on many dominican have called me and my family wanna be dominican. Cause they belive we are eighter salvadorian, ecudorian or from other country in south america. They dont think we look dominicans. Whatever that look is. I was born in the states so I cant even show them a passport. So I will take them my parents.

I myslef am having a hard time approaching dominican who obviously have ameridian blood because of there denial. But that is mostly ingnorance in there part. So I would be able to give you adive. But this is why Jorge's work is so important to taino deccendants of the caribbean not just DR. I myslef have inner conflict. I dont think I have the right to call myself taino deccendant. It's only when I have confronted by some outsiders who have seen native traits in me is when I have actually talked about it.
At 12:37am on August 25, 2008, Juan Almonte said…
"Angela Carrasco" WOW its been years since I heard that name. She diffently has native features.On my dads last trip to DR he told me there were alot of europeans migrating to the island. I will be honest I am not familiar with spain. But I know there are many dominicans that live in spain and other european countrys.

I think anything is possible. I mean history books had tainos as compleatly wiped out. Obvoulsy no one went to DR, PR and Cuba to confirm that statement. So untill they go down there and confirm. I am going to take the opposite route that archologist, historian etc normaly pick when they write about tainos. I am going to go with the assumtion that there are full blooded tainos living in any of these islands.

Ruben I havent been able to navigate this site as much as I wanted over the weekend. My sister has been sick and I am trying to help. But the few pages that I went I saw that on some you wrote "I like to know people of Amerindian ancestry of the Carribbean islands. I like your history, and I´ve never believed the false myth about the extinction of the Carribean Indians or "Amerindians" I think that its important for taino deccendants to recongize who they are but I also think it important that non-taino's acknowlege us too. So for this I thank you.
At 3:05pm on August 23, 2008, Juan Almonte said…
Hey Ruben, I agree with your comments. But I am going to take it a step further. I am going to paste a part of an email I send to Jorge.

Intersting story. My dad was talking to me and my brother in law. He had just cooked yucca. I told him( que bueno yo le tenia un deso a la yucca) My dad started talking about yucca. He said that the town that they are from use to make casibbe. And that this process has to be handled with care. Cuase making cassebe can be dangeruous casue of the poisines liqued. He mentioed a way to filter it. I was paying attention. But I was already familir with this process cause of my studies........Anyways what he and my mom told us next stunned me and my brother in law. Both my parents said that they both ate plantanos for the first time here in the USA. In the late 60's. They said that they didt even know what a platano was until they came to the states. Yucca was the main crop even till this day. Ofcourse now they have platanos but yucca is the dominant vegie. That is crazy. So for over 400 years of platain being introduced to DR. These folks had never even seen a plantain. Intersting ha!

I pasted the above story so you can see some villages in DR are extreamly secluded, especialy in the cibao region. To visit my great grand parents (I dont have a picture scanded yet) we had to get out of the car, walk about 20mint up these muddy road. Up a hill. They had no running water. I told jorges these folks actually dranked rain water. But guess what. To my suprised these folks actually talked about people who live even in more seclution. Up in the mountains. So the point that I am trying to make is. I know this may sound a bit crazy to some. But whats not to say there are people who may be pure blooded tainos. I am sure there could be folks in DR that can be full african aswell. I am sure if they look for them. They will find them.

I think cuba my surprise alot of people. Cuba is much bigger and many places to hide. Cuban populatoin is over 11million. To me that doesnt sound like alot. I mean cuba is about three time bigger than DR. And I am sure that some folks in DR are not even counted in those census.
At 3:27am on August 23, 2008, Juan Almonte said…
Hello to all. Thanx for the welcoming. I appreciate it.

Ruben, nice to know you too. I want to address your post. From what I have been researching not all tainos were slave's. Also the spaniords did not colonized the whole island as it is asummed. I think its going to be intersting once male genes dna comes out. Because I do belive that taino men did contribute to taino deccendats. I dont think people that look like my grandparents and Jorge Estevez would look the way they look if there was no male gene contribution.

As per no african women in the caribbean that is also another myth. I am going to paste the below paragraph from an email that a friend sent me.

Yes, that's a myth in colonial America (U.S) they wanted black women from the Caribbean so they could "breed" them and poor farmers don't have to buy new shipments of African slaves unlike in Brazil where the crop "sugar "made the plantation owners so rich they didn't rely on women slaves as much, because they could easily buy more slaves and they died frequently of the harsh conditions. So men were in high demand while the poor U.S farmer would buy some women aswell That's proof the Caribbean's had women in demand aswell.

I am sure that dna will confirm the above.
At 9:33pm on August 22, 2008, Maximilian Forte said…
I am very happy to welcome you as well Juan. Please let me know if you have any troubles using this site, and I will do what I can to help. I hope this will be rewarding and useful for you.

Very best wishes.
At 9:34am on August 22, 2008, Jorge Baracutei Estevez said…
Waitiao, thanks for coming on board. Lets get some work done!!
Tu waitiao

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