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At 7:18pm on July 1, 2021, Huana Naboli Martinez said…

Hi ;

I am Huana. I posted a topic on the discussion panel on this site, for opening a  discussion and dialogue regarding,  Indoantillean language survival among borikuas. I am sharing this information. And I will like people to participate in the dialogue regarding the topic. As you live in the island and you are interested in the native roots, I reach to you.  In Boricuas island we have the language. It is talk mixed within the spanish that we as borikuas talk. For a revitalization this information that we have in here must be taken in consideration.  We have enough data to revitalize the language with a Grammar. We are going to do it in Boriken. I you want to get the information. I suggest the participation and dialogue on this topic. I invite you to check on the videos posted in the youtube page: Borikua Ancestral. We are looking for people interested in joining this cause in the island.

Best regards from Huana

At 1:12am on September 6, 2013, AkuTurey said…

Yes,hello! Thank you...I figured we are either Beikes or behiques in training,so it is good to be in touch! I have struggled with Lyme Disease for a few years now,so my movement forward has been very slow-not to mention I live rather far (6 hours),and don't have a lot of money-at least 150. goes to herbs and supplements every month,to stay healthy.I went the natural route,and have made great strides in my condition. I love your name-how can you go wrong?! I love my name as well,as there is a very magical story behind it,and behique knew things he "couldn't have known",in the natural,in you know what I mean-thanks to his Cemi-saki ,totem animal spirit. Well,take care ,hope that your journeys are meaningful and good! Frank AkuTurey

At 5:09pm on April 9, 2013, Dr. Rose M. Xochitl AnaO Quinone said…

Mabrika Nitou.

Beike Dr. Xochitl AnaO Rose Quinones delValle

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