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Licence for song Vasija De Barro

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Cremation in Taino culture #1

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At 10:33am on October 29, 2008, jonasangelet said…
thanks for responding. I would like to check some local ceremonies out. my phone number is 608.469.8490 and my external email is
At 9:48pm on October 23, 2008, Juan Almonte said…
I just read one of your post about the coqui. I was not aware that puerto rico had a town called moca too. In DR in the cibao region there is a place called that..

I notice that Dominican rep, puerto rico and cuba have alot of name for there villages that are taino still and that all three of the island share. Very intersting.
At 5:03pm on October 19, 2008, NANIKI-BO MAN OF SPIRIT said…
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At 5:41pm on October 10, 2008, Ayesart said…
Hola Rixturey:
Thank you for dropping in and commenting on the post I wrote concerning my thoughts on Taino ancestry, getentics and genealogy.
Within my own family tree my ancestor, Domingo de Jesus had married Isabel de Mena. Not too long ago a fellow genealogist sent me new data on that family. It turned out that Isabel and her son, Tomas de Mena owned slaves, Its hard for me to say but Domingo did too.
A record of a marriage between a slave whose name was Isabel de Mena and Domingo de Jesus was recorded in the San Juan Cathedral. The witness was Tomas de Mena de Jesus. Back in the 1600's through the late 1800's slaves were either given the family surname of those who owned them or took on the surname. For the record, I placed slaves as adopted children of Domingo, Tomas and Isabel with the notation of the source record and with the notation of their forced slavery.
Before the Spanish American war every parrish had two books that contained baptisms, deaths and marriages. One book was for the blancos and the other was kept for those who were listed, pardos y pardas. There were three distinct classes of Puerto Ricans,
Blancos, those who were considered Spanish - not mestizos.
Pardos, those who were Indian
Esclavos, those who were slaves imported from Africa.
Once the Americans got to PR the term, mulatto was applied to both black and indian descendants.
The word conversos was always applied to those of Sephardim - Jewish heritage.
The latter has been learned while researching my family tree.
Its also curious to note that Cuban parrishes also kept two sets of books that separated the white from the pardo.
Thanks again,
John Ayes, Ayesart
At 8:44pm on September 12, 2008, Theodore R. Morris said…
Thanks for the web site (kislak...). I've been looking for artifacts to use in my paintings. Ted
At 2:20am on September 5, 2008, Juan Almonte said…
Sister your very welcome. I see that mix up in books too.
At 1:38pm on August 15, 2008, AkuTurey said…
Tau ti,
Hope you're fine...join me on my discussion on DNA,if you have the time or desire,Thanks!
At 10:34pm on August 14, 2008, Rixturey said…
My indigenous ancestors are the Boricua of Boriken.
At 7:02pm on August 1, 2008, Caracoli said…
Please tell us of your experiences with the drink "Maubi"
on the environmental round table. we love to hear your comments
At 11:46pm on July 30, 2008, Maximilian Forte said…
Rixturey, why is your name so familiar? I am glad to see you in this network, and I wish I had been here to welcome you when you joined. If you run into any troubles using the site, please let me know, and I will do whatever I can to help. In the meantime, a very warm (belated) welcome and very best wishes!
At 9:13pm on July 30, 2008, Caracoli said…
Thanks for the addition to your circle
At 7:25pm on July 28, 2008, Miguel Sague Jr said…
Actually both Inaru and Kasike Mucaro informed me of the passing of Grandfather Cyril and I was very saddened by the news. I now communicate with him in the spirit realm and ask for his guidance and advise. I will ask you to be our DC contact when we finalize the plans for the museum visit. I think that I would like for it to happen around the end of October but I have no firm plans yet. i will keep you informed.
At 6:34pm on July 28, 2008, Miguel Sague Jr said…
Tau Sister good to see you online. Thanks for joining my friends list. I im glad were connected up here in this social netweork. I hope e can do something like what we did this past April and go to DC again to the museum I am planning to organize just such a visit and I will let you know so you can be prat of it again

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