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Reconsider Columbus Day Presented by Nu Heightz Cinemarethink columbus day reconsider christopher columbus anti columbus day

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Comment by Caracoli on November 17, 2009 at 8:57am
Strong stuff, I did not know that

I personally have seen alot of Taino people from Baramaya (Ponce)

Its very interesting

Congrats on your book
Comment by Ayesart on November 13, 2009 at 11:37am
I see no one has added any comments. If you don't mind it, I will today.
History always misplaces itself on the wrong people. It always happens that way.
Getting to the point without philosophy or any politics:
Columbus signed a contract with the Catholic King and Queen that outlined in great detail what he proposed to do, how much, when and where regarding the discovery of an Asian Trade Route. He never found his trade route. Instead he got lost and wound up in the Caribbean.
His son, Diego Columbo ended up in Isla Espanola whilst Juan Ponce de Leon was the Governor.
Diego Columbo, aka Colon, contrived to take away that governorship away from Juan Ponce de Leon by pulling political strings in the court of Spain as well as doing his best to make Juan Ponce de Leon look like a bad governor. Diego Colon and Cristoval de Sotomayor had contrived a plan that would set the Taino people at war against the Spanish on the Island of Isla de San Juan de Puerto Rico. This action upset the peaceful negotiation that Juan Ponce de Leon had initiated with the Taino People that was supposed to repair the damge wrought by Columbus in the past. Juan Ponce had stayed with the Taino, married a Cacique's daughter and became a Taino Tribal member to seal the pact that would eventually lead to a peaceful resolution between the Spanish and Taino people. Diego and Cristobal upset those plans to force the crown of Spain into issuing an edict of war against the Taino who had revolted. Many Taino died in that war. But many also survived and weren't killed. Instead they became enslaved in the mines of the Caribbean. Why weren't they killed - executed? We have Juan Ponce to thank for that because he had spoken up for his fellow tribal members. Despite the fact that he had obeyed the Crown's edict by waging a counter offensive.
Today the truth comes to light in my book, Juan Ponce de Leon, His New and Revised Genealogy. I have documents that confirm the latter statements made by me herein. Columbus essentially didn't discover anything American. Juan Ponce did after his governorship had been taken away from him.
You who are of Caribbean descent have him to thank for being here today. Because if you have a Spanish surname it was because Juan Ponce paid out of his own pocket to bring your Spanish ancestors to the Caribbean. If your mtDNA results come out Indigenous it is because Juan Ponce didn't allow your Taino ancestors to be executed in the way the Crown wanted them to be.
Juan Ponce is the real hero and discoverer of America. He set foot in la Florida which became America in the end. The truth is always very controversial. No?

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