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registration form art all night Pittsburgh

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Early Florida Miccosuke-Seminole Indians, Look Familiar???
Seminole Chief Osceola

Seminole Women Early 1900s

Seminole Men & Womens wear


Seminoles Today

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are people in spain completely anti-social? do they lack common courtesy??
couple days ago you apologize...and then on the DISCUSSION BOARD you publicly ask your friend what he thinks about it, if he thinks you offended someone...
really??? if you dont see that you offended people, why apologize???
and if you apologized just to say it and shut me up, why didnt you post this message privately to your friend??? seriously!!! i've known spanish people and they werent as dense as you...
BTW its not the ARTICLE that was offensive... its YOU thats offensive...

just end this discussion... because youre really making me angry and offending me even more!!!!
my original response was to the discussion.... and it was
"Good point Keisha. Ruben talk to the people!
i came across this discussion looking for Dominica info.
after following it i have to say... WOW!!!
history books and theories of one man have been proven untrue before...and history according to an outsider is always skewed and flawed, its the people who make threir history not historians!

if rubens point was true... then you could say all people who are not indigenous in the caribbean islands are not caribbean...because if you were white you were european, if you were black you must be african. simply this is not the case.
as ive mentioned in another blog.... why must we group people? why the labels??
when an individual decides to label themselves, this is acceptable as this is their identity they have chosen
when an outsider decides to label people, this is its considered stripping people of their identity and can be racist."

YOU took offence and started attacking me.... and ive responded several times being very understanding of the language barrier and yet you still kept at it... so finally i had to get it across to you.... you understood my last response?? good..
and as for my picture...what does this have to do with the discussion?? you gonna find me in canada???
and.... i dont want to meet any more spanish people if theyre anything like you...
(see...i can insult you like a 8year old too.)
if you KNEW you hadnt offended anyone.... you woldnt need other people to validate it.
i know im right...i dont need anyones opinion to validate that.
and ruben... its hard to learn anything when someone tells you what they know, and instead of taking that information and digging for some validation or truth you shove quotes from history books down their throat to try to prove that they are wrong and you are right... its hard to LEARN when you already think you have all the answers
Taino Ti

For the record, The point of this discussion topic was about a people in this case the Seminole and the evolvement of their dress throughout the years.

I wanted to show that the Floridians of 1492 dressed similiarly to the 1492 Taino but today have a style of dress that reflects the times they live in.

It has now taken a different turn as the replys come in causing the original point to be lost.

Bomatum, Thank You
i apologize for the skewed discussion.
the photos you put up were beautiful!

I have a question for you, where would i get a list of the parishes in Dominica and their addresses if i wanted to contact them for family information?

thank you

my apologies to you!


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