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The Taino Ancestral Spirit flows through all Tainos, "La sangre llama" Its in every Taino who inquires about there familys, in every Taino who wants to connect with there people. The Ancestral Spirit will not be denied, it finds a way to bring us back home.

The Ancestral Spirit can root itself anywhere. In our out of our Homelands. It found a home in a place blosoming with multicultural activity. A place called New York City.

All of us owe a eternal debt of gratitude directly or indirectly to the Cacibajagua of all Taino Groups The Assosacion Indigena Taina. Many of us were walking around identifying as Tainos as told to us from our familys but the Assosacion was the first place that Tainos from the diaspora could call their home (Bohio) and expouse their Tainoness.

A place where Tainos could brainstorm, cultivate friendships and be one with each other. They would meet at La Casa de la Herencia Puertorriquena and the Lower East Side. The Ancestral Spirit does not disappear when groups break up. The Assosacion gave birth to many Taino yucayekes that still exist today. Their story should be told so that the people will know. I was not there to witness the goings on so for the time being I leave that for those who were there.

The Ancestral Spirit will always be there for Tainos no matter what happens to this resurgance. It flows everywhere we go. It is there for all Tainos who are geographically isolated. It is there for all the Tainos that are at sleep. It awaits and is there to reawaken all who call for it.

nabori daca Taino


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the director passed away and it is going through some major reconstruction
Huichol Regalia, Regalia is used to represent nation hood and a people

Kuna Woman

San Blas Island, Panama
The designs on the contemporary regalia are 100% authentic Taino

The examples of other Nations is to show that they have adopted clothes

But that are embelished with their iconography

ie Huichol-Kuna
Kuna Regalia, another group that went naked, with contemporary regalia, regalia is also a response to modernization but a way to still be indigenous

Those are nice pics

But we are in the year 2009

Somebody tell that to the people of Boriken

Another example
Issues of skin color

Tainos come in all colors and shades

No need to wear wigs

No need to bronze skin
we are speaking about dress also you don't seem to be getting the point, and that girl that you posted was doing a play in school and they asked her to play the part of the Indian, i read the article, not just looked at the picture

all of these people created regalia that fit their culture in the here and now, the Indian reality
Yes and that's why I feel it is important for there to be a standard regalia for the Taino peoples. It is a way of expressing one's culture and is supposed to be a unifying element. It also gives outsiders a visual as to what being Taino means, a reference point. So what was the disagreement about? What the regalia should look like, or if it should exist at all?
So what was the disagreement about? What the regalia should look like, or if it should exist at all?


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