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"God's chosen people (blond, blue eyed) were here in North America before the Indians. Our scriptures teach the truth. They came here first and some of them went south, both literally AND figuratively. They were sent south by God because they became disintegrated people, so God punished them and that is who the Mayan people are, disintegrated people." ~my neighbor said this in front of my son (pictured above) just before he left my house on noche buena.

I interrupted with, "Ok, that is enough. I have taken in just about enough of that." I followed up about 15 minutes later with a serious talk about racism to my son.

I have arrived in the USA after a serious financial crisis and on the eve of the election of Obama. It has been clear to me that racism in the USA is on the rise. I believe it is the increased competition for resources elevating the issue. No longer are people content with the old standard, "I am not racist, I am color blind." Essentially, I don’t see your color, so can't we just all be white?? Why is it that we have not learned from our past mistakes?

When will we learn to acknowledge and respect each other as part of the HUMAN race, a rich tapestry of culture and COLORS?

This 2009, celebrate our differences and make them a place where we can come together in peace and luv.

I challenge all of you to face these moments with peace and strength from within so that we are not drawn in to the violence. Stand strong, with hope and dignity.

Your sister~c

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I left the taino element out. But I am sure in any of the three island there could be people who are pure or very close to pure taino. Taino who only have african admixutre. Taino who only have euro admixutre. And vice a versa. By vice a versa I mean that for the most part the above could be mostly taino with little admixute and there could be euro or african who have very little taino. And some triracial.

But from the dna test that came out of the island that is enought to suggest that not all of us are triracial.
We don't need blood quantime and all this other nonsense, people we aren't race horses, we are people. I don't see euro's or africans or asians speaking about blood quantime to determine there identitys.
-thank you
We are all of the HUMAN race.
If you want blood quantum then stear clear because i am 100% Caribbean Woman, and anyone who knows better...knows better!

nuf said.


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