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Male and female energies in ceremonies

When preparing or creating a sacred ceremony there appears to be two major approaches to generating and releasing energy . Which can be correlated to the male/female polarity.


The male approach seems to be one of building up energies higher and higher until they can't be contained anymore, then releasing them in a sudden burst of power usually for purpose or in a particular direction. This reminds me of the Taino Shark Dance when the tension is build by battling Guacar and the tension is released when Yucahu kills the shark.

This can be seen as a conducive or narrow focusing method.

This type of ceremonial work reminds me of ritual techniques used by early neo-pagans since the majority of there leadership where males taking there quires from renaissance hermetics alchemist structures. Evan though now women became the dominant leadership of the majority of neo-pagan traditions , They still for the most part tend to use the male approach .

The male approach seems, in my experience ,to work best for rituals goals that can be accomplished with a sudden shift ,arriving quickly to change the energy patterns.


The female approach seems to be of generating and building continuous wave of energy,which are released and built up again,in a series of waves of energies in all directions .The female approach seem to work best with goals that need for their gets to receive multiple gentle flood of energy to produce the desired results .

This approach reminds me the snake dance (coa dance ) part of our spring ceremony as done by the Greater new York communities, where rather than a weaving a web or may pole type weaving. The women weave a long snake by braiding ropes off a single post, energy of giving the rope and receiving the rope creating gentle waves of energies as there rocking motions give an ocean waves like appearance to the ropes movement ,then other waves of energy when the women in procession dance into the circle with Attabey at the head and the women holding snake rope in single file .

The female approach is best for healing ceremonies for there initial burst and then waves upon waves of energy for the long haul.

All this male/female approaches remind me orgasm! There I said it .but after all ceremonies are a creation process.

Its is amazing how most occult books don't cover this form of energy.they take about balancing male and female energies .but not energetic structure masculine/feminine ritual ceremonial work !

To quote reading rainbow ,

don't take my word for it “check your own magickal/ritual books I bet it not there .

han han katu barai

Beike Kunuk Ceiba

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Takaji my brother

Thank you for this wonderfully lucid exposition of the significance of the elements of Male and Female in our tradition.

I hope you dont mind if I share it on Facebook.

Taino Ti


Bo Matun, Brother Edgar Kunuk Ceiba.

Thanks for sharing such an insightful explanation! It is gentle, yet profound.

Taino Ti,


thank you for sharing, it is always wonderful to gain new knowlede...

Beike Kunuk Ceiba,  Are these energies male or female made by the intent of the person?  Like a mental projection.


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