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the krobo tribe in Ghana and the Maroon tribe are the same people.similar names,similar festivals,similar traditions and more alike.i want some acheologist or some some researchs to be done in Ghana on the Krobo tribe as well as the Maroon tribe in Jamaica.

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You could get a degree in archaeology (I would suggest anthropology actually) and study it yourself. Have you looked at societies like the Ndjuka in Suriname? I believe they are from Ghana as well. (Not sure.)
Funny. This is the first time I saw this discussion. I had Just asked Jorge Estevez a similair question. I would be very intersted in jamaica taino survival. I have met a few who had ameridian traits. I would be surprised if many in the island had taino dna as the island is very small. Unlike cuba and kiskeya.
I meant to say I would not be surprised
If you're looking for something in Jamaica that has to do with Africa, there is quite a good possibility you have something here. My question is: What does this have to do with the INDIGENOUS people of this territory???? If iut has nothing to do with the NATIVE PEOPLE, what are you trying to bring up??? There are plenty of sites that have to do with African, Asian and other cultures!!! what are you trying to bring up to a NATIVE CULTURE discussion???
I have no problems with Africans!!! Let me be 100% clear on that, because many of my friends are from Ghana, Namibia, Nigeria, Senegal, Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya!!! My question is an intelligent one and a simple one: How's thisw related to the Native topics??? Maybe explaining more of the cultural similarities can bring something of great interest to the table, plain and simple. I am NOT a devisive person, and this network IS Native Focused!!! I have NOT said anything out of line, ignorant nor separatist and to be called any of the above, even in insinuation is offensive to me!!! Ask anyone who knows who Kutubanama is!!! I too believe in progress and I believe that ALL OF US ARE RELATED!!! What I'm saying is bring forth more info on the subject to the table and perhaps relate it to Native survival in Jamaica as well. What in God's green earth made you think this is "Ignorant"?!?!?!?!?!
'Ignorant' is definately a poor choice of words
and it clearly violates our code of conduct
i am unfortunately coming across this post many weeks later

as far as native survival in xamaica, it is my understanding that the island was initially left alone, as the spanish crown saw little value in it
the indigenous peoples assisted 'columbus' in getting to cuba after he was shipwrecked there on his fourth and final voyage, no?

the islanders are in my understanding a mix of native peoples with a heavy african influence, no?

perhaps those who are more familiar with the island history can say so?


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