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registration form art all night Pittsburgh

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Hey I'm interested in setting up a meetup for the northeast, preferably in the northwest area of new jersey (a lot of powwows are here). I have an acre and a half so nobody will bother us, but i'm also open to other areas to meetup. I'm first generation in america so I can make all the traditional foods like saltfish and bake/bannock/frybread/etc, lots of cassava dishes, etc. you would be surprised what i know! maybe we all bring a dish? or bring yourself to dance and tell stories? I want to connect and have fun and i'm all alone out here. Anyone interested? Expected date is in August.

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I'd be interested if it was a bit farther north.  I'm in Western Massachusetts.  I live and travel in a trailer, so would need a place to park it. 

Massachusetts? I can easily travel to there (my state is tiny) but from there we'd need to all find a place to meet up without being disturbed by authorities. Or get a park permit.

Sounds great. Let us know if and when event is confirmed.

I have a total of 8 acres about 3 are cleared welcome to do a gathering here I live in Honesdale pa

I'm game! Keep me posted.


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