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Pet Peeeeeeeeves!

"Part" Indian?
Half-breed quarter breed one sixteen.... what do fractions really mean?

Could you imagine having to carry a card to 'prove' you are
white? Or imagine that, in order to truly be acknowledged
as an African American, you had to be an 'enrolled member'!
This having to carry a white and/or blue CDIB (Certificate of
Degree of Indian Blood) card is, in my understanding, the very
definition of institutionalized racism. Good people frequently
share with me that they are 'part Indian', or 'only a precentage
Indian'. This is a sad testament to the legacy of their beautiful
Indian ancestors. You see, the U.S. government is responsible
for the invention of the 'Indian blood quantum' lie. It turns out
that this is quite a convenient way to 'kill Indians on paper'.
And what saddens me, is that most of our Tribal governments
have bought into the 'blood quantum' system which so divides
and separates us from who we are and has deeply damaged
the integrity of our ancient cultures. We are people, not
fractions. To those of you reading this who are of Indian
ancestry, I offer you some interesting thoughts...............

In Lakota tradition, we have a ceremony called Hunkapi, or,
the Making of Relatives. In this ceremony, a person who is
not Lakota is brought in. After the ceremony is complete it
was fully understood that this person was 100% completely
Lakota. This was, and still is, the power of this ancient rite.
Somehow, many of us have forgotten the truth and wisdom
of this ceremony. Many Indians today think the 'amount' of
Indian blood is what matters, when according to our own
sacred rites, it is clear that it is not only blood, but Spirit
which defines the essence of a human being.................

So.... to those of you with distant Indian ancestry who do
not quite know how to define it.... you need not identify
yourself as 'part-Indian'. Know that you are 'of Indian
ancestry', or that you are 'descended from the (insert
tribe name here)'. You are 100% descendant of all your
ancestors. Learn all you can, become who you are.
You are beautiful! You are Indian..............................

by John 2 Hawks

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Not a US Indian thing any more Samuel ? We natives do not seperate, I am a Boricua of Taino descent like Schomburg was a Boricua of African descent.

There is no seperation from my Tainoness and my Puerto Ricaness

Part Indian is offensive

Dna test are offensive

Checking for shovel teeth is offensive

talking about admixture and percentages of Indian blood are offensive

Natives don't subcsribe to these standards

We follow our Ancestral Spirit and Oral History

Its a Native Taino thing, try to understand
Its a Native thang..... lol
Like I posted elsewhere here in ICN, I told the story of a White Colombian woman that asked me about my heritage. I explained that I am Indigenous. She asked me where my last name came from and I told her that my Great-Grandfather from my father's side (The same from my mother's side) who were white from Spain. She then told me that I'm no longer "Indio" but "Mestizo". I asked her if she knew Chevrolet and Ford cars. She said "Of course!". I asked her "They are American cars, correct?" , to which she replied "Yes". I asked her again and she responded by saying "Of course!!!". I then told her that parts of these cars actually come from as far as Japan and Germany, but they're STILL known and considered as American Cars!!! I am a Native who has bloodline that came from Spain. In other words, I am an "Indio" with a few foreign parts to which she had no answer. I tell ALL here: I am Taino!!! Some of my bloodline came from Spain, no doubt about it, but first and foremost I am Native. I am proud of my ENTIRE lineage, because if one was missing, I wouldn't be here, but I am "Indio" and I thank God for that!!!
Well put



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