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Taino Prayer for the Mother Goddess by tainoray

Bibi Atabey - Mother Atabey

Atte itabo era - Mother of Waters

Coaiba Mamona - Heavenly Mother of the Moon

Aturo aya Guakia Itiba Cahubaba - Sister of our Ancient Bleeding Mother

Acona Guakia Arawaka - Hear our Sacred People

Yemao Guakia Waili - Protect our Children

Waka Yari - Our Precious Jewels

Busica Guakia Ketauri - Give us Life

Inaru Matum - Generous Woman

Busica Guakia Ahia Hu De - Give us your Blessing

Tai Ku Buya Han Han - Good Spirit Yes

Nabori Daca - I am your servant

Han Han Katu - So Be It

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Tau brother
The relationship between Ata Bey the Taino Water Mother/ Earth Mother and the legendary figure known as Itaba Cahubaba is confirmed not only by the obvious motherly characteristics that they both share but also by the linguistic afinities of the names of these two entities. In his "Way of the Seeded Earth" Joseph Campbell makes an almost irrefutable argument in favor of Ata Bey's several names being associated with waters of lakes and ponds. He also analyses Itaba Cahubaba's name and very convincingly uses evidence brought up by several reserachers to arrive at the equation between the Taino word "itaba" and the almost identical Arawak word "itaba" meaning "lake".
We in the Caney Circle have been inspired by our cemies, who guide us unerringly on our path, that this Itaba Cahubaba was, in fact, non other than a human manifestation of the Earth/Wather mother herself, Ata bey. As your beautiful prayer above implies, these two entities, the mother of Yoka Hu and the mother of the four primordial Caracaracol quadruplets are one and the same.

We have been guided by our cemies to an interpretation of the Pane chronicle which teaches that Ata Bey became incarnated in the flesh just long enough to bear the four brothers of the Deminan legend. Then, having fulfilled this task, she dies and returns to her purely spiritual form and again takes her place in the Taino pantheon of deities. Please feel free to visit the pages dealing with this portion of the Taino Chronicles in the Caney Circle website to check out this particular part of the sacred Taino narration.
Oma bahari
Taino Ti
Taino Ti

I was taking a risk, it was something that popped into my mind and I believed to be true

Is it ok to leave the prayer as "sister of the Ancient bleeding mother" ?

To be frank with you I believe that to refer to these two entities as "sisters" is, in its own way, just as accurate as understanding their unique co-identification. They are two individual manifestations of the same mother entity, but they should be understood as being independent of each other and each unique in her own way, each one fulfilling a special role in the sacred narrative. In that respect they could be considered "sisters" in the same way that Ata Bey and her avatar the moon spirit Maroya can also be considered "sisters".
I love the prayer and I would not change one word in it!
Taino Ti


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