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Can we follow Judeo christian tradition while still honoring our Taino Pagan Heritage? or would Tainos be considered sinners in the christian religion?

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It doesn't have to be that away

this site needs people with courage

also this site needs to respect

I think that is manifesting
Taino Ti Rixturey

I hear you.

Thats the climate that has engulfed our people for far too long

We have elders than can help immensely in this site

But where are they ?

they are not gonna live 4 ever and what will they leave the new ones who need their guidance

nabori daca Taino

look at Taino Naboria society
Beautifully put, Rixturey!!!!!!!
cheerleader siss boom bah
She already explained that, the deities are different aspects of a greater spirit. And maybe if people stopped referring to a higher power as "my God" or "your God" there would be a lot more understanding.
an Indian phrase I wish I knew who said it

" If there is only one God why are they so many Religions ?"
Cuz religion doesn't equal God, religion equals man's interpretation of God
Han Han Katu!!!
Rock n Roll Ivy!!! You got that right!!!


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