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Can we follow Judeo christian tradition while still honoring our Taino Pagan Heritage? or would Tainos be considered sinners in the christian religion?

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Trinities go way beyond Christianity. They have existed way before Christianity came along.
The Trinity came along thanks to the Romans who were incorporating their beliefs with early Christianity so it would be easier to convert more people who still held on tho their original beliefs. This way, it was easier to convert Romans, Egyptians and others who had trinitarian dieties. Trinity is not biblical, nor will you find it refered to in the Bible.
You can look at it that way if you like, but the point is that the Trinity is not biblical. Jesus is known as "The first born of all creation", and He never claimed to be the Almighty. He called himself the Son of God, and not His equal. God and Jesus are two separate beings biblically.
Another way to look at it from a more Christian point of view is that in the Bible Jesus said, "the kingdom of heaven is within you." It also says that man was created in God's image. So in a way, we are all different aspects of God.
Samuel said"

"And what are the differences you are trying to make?"

Too numerous to mention on this discussion

Tribal Restoration

Tribal Continuity

Tribal Sustainability





That's right!!!
I am not good with words that can explain this but I will do the best I can.

The spirit of spirits, Yaya, the Great Mystery, Jehovah, Wanka Tanka or any of the millions of names for this unknowable God presents itself/himself/herself to humans in a variety of forms. Each is an aspect that affects us in a particular way. Each contains energy and is of the spirit. For example, the Sun is an aspect of that creation without which we would all perish. I give thanks each day that it does what its supposed to do. If the Sun is referred to as a God, from my perspective, it is still part of the greater creation.
I think I gotcha!!! I think you and I see thiings in the same way. Like I've said before, I don't believe in religion, but I believe in an Almighty Creator, and He shows Himself in all of creation, because He is way beyond what our eyes can behold and ever brighter than the Sun. I am also thankful for every day of life.
If you look at me, you can also see my father, but I am NOT him. God certainly manifested Himself through His son Jesus, and to know Jesus is to know God, but Jesus NEVER claimed to be the Almighty. He didn't pray to himself, He prayed to His Father and Jesus even let His deciples know when He was asked "When will the time of the end come?". He answered "Neither the angels in Heaven, nor The Son know, but only the Father". I would not dare take anything away from Jesus, but manifesting God does not mean He is God. My parents who passed away many years ago manifest themselves in me, but I am NOT them!!! I am their son, just as Jesus is God's Son.
To directly answer the question Brooke asked. Yes, Taino Christian cannot exist if you follow the spiritual beliefs of the Taino culture. In Christianity, there is only one GOD and if you are to accept him into your life, you are dismissing any other God or idol. I am a baptized protestant but a practicing catholic. My son is catholic. but I also have great apreciation for other religions and I won't sit here and pretend I haven't questioned religion at some point or another in my life. I have very recently struggled with whether I want to leave the Catholic faith-remaining Christian-to an episcopalian faith because I feel like some of the "rules" are ridiculous and yes, man made just like Al said. I wanted to be baptized into the Roman Catholic church, but since my husband is a Roman Catholic and never should have married me in city hall, we had to marry in the church before I was baptized, which gave us about 6 months. My husband didn't want to rush it especially since we want to have our church wedding in the Dominican Republic so his family can be there. Since he wasn't willing to rush into it, I couldn't be baptized, so because of my husband's decision I wasn't able to continue in my chosen religion in the way I wanted too. I thought that was ridiculous.But there is this catholic guilt that overcomes you once you have practiced the faith that makes you a bit fearful to go another route-at least for me.
I also don't think that non christians are doomed to hell or anything like that and as a teenager I completely dismissed the Bible entirely. So while I am a Christian, I have a very open mind as to all of this. So, I am focusing more on my spirituality right now until I work the rest out in due time!!
Hi Danielle!!! I wish you the best in your spiritual walk, and may the Almighty Creator guide you in your journey!!!
No Samuel what you are referring to is Passover, a Jewish holiday when God spared his chosen people one of the plagues, killing the first born of Isreal, by "passing over" the homes that had blood from a sacrificial lamb on their door. Easter celebrates the day Jesus rose from the grave into eternal life. It is celebrated on the third day, the Sunday after Good Friday, the day Jesus was crucified.


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