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I have been following this thread, among others, and one thing that is noticible is that while there are some good points made here, so much of it is just PATHETIC!!! Where is this going to??? It's ridiculous that this has turned into an "US v/s THEM" issue. All this anthropological "Evidence" brought up (Some of it incorrect), and all I hear is barking!!! Are there any Natives in this link at all???? A few things to look at from this and other threads that are related topics;


Natives from this continent have ALWAYS contended with so-called experts that "We have ALWAYS been here!!!" Are there any natives in this thread?? I see people that supposedly are knowledgeable talking about the same crap that scientists or the white man (whichever you prefer) that Nomads from Asia migrated through the Bering Strait Land Bridge in the last ice age. We Natives of all Nations have been arguing against it and elders have always said that evidence will prove us right. Examples;

"Native Americans are descendants of Nomadic Asiatic people that crossed the Bering Straits 12,000 years ago"

FACT: Not long after this was "established", archaeologists discovered in Canada and US artifacts, including tools and arow heads, that dated back to over 18,000 years ago.

RESULT: The story changed to "Native Americans are descendants of Nomadic Asiatic people that crossed the Bering Straits over 20,000 years ago"

FACT: The skull of "Kennewick Man" was discovered, along with ancient pyramids in the US that date back to over 41,000 years. Scientists even tried to suggest that Kennewick Man was NOT Native. Pyramids in the US that are Native? Kennewick Man not Native? What was he and what was he doing in the Central States at that time if he wasn't? Puhleeezzz!!!

RESULT: "Native Americans are descendants of Nomadic Asiatic people that crossed the Bering Straits over 41,000 years ago" (Notice the pattern?)

FACT: Over the past decade, evidence of an ancient advanced Native civilization has been found in southern Chile, which was shown only once, with limited information, indicating a timeline of 43,000 to 47,000 years ago. Having personally met one of the archaeologists who worked in that site, he told me that information of these findings was going to be restricted. One of the heads of the project has been alledged to have said that there was no way he would let these filthy indians to prove the scientific community wrong.

RESULT: On some more recent books, publishings and programs, the story is now that "Native Americans are descendants of Nomadic Asiatic people that crossed the Bering Straits over 70,000 years ago" . Seventy thousand years now, and perhaps the scientific community is covered until the next findings.

Truth shows that Native civilizations are actually older in the south than in the north. That being the case, how can anyone buy that garbage of the Bering Straits? Shouldn't it be the north that held the more ancient civilizations??? I once spoke to a Forensics Pathologist who told me about a murder investigation in which a badly decomposed Native American murder victim was identified by his DNA. I asked him if there was a difference between Asian or Asiatic DNA and Native American. He explained that ALL races have similarities, but have differences. Native American IS distinct, just as white and black!!!

There is a reason why the Medicine wheel of the Native People of North America shows 4 colors and 4 directions. The directions are obvious; North, South, East and West. The colors are RED (Native Peoples), WHITE (White Peoples), BLACK (Black or African Peoples) and YELLOW (Asiatic Peoples). While there might be some people in this thread that might say "That's North American, not Taino", please look at this fact, because those same people that may say that are looking and buying more into what the "White Man" says as an authority that what Native Peoples say. All info, scientific and what Native Elders say has to be taken in balance. I, for one, look at what the scientific community with a grain of salt, and also listen very carefully when an elder speaks. Find the balance, and the answers you seek WILL come to you!!! I speak as a Proud Native Man who has been around a little too long in the Native and Taino resurgeance, and sees things both within and from outside the circle, to see this kind of thing go on and on and not say anything. Any Native People here???? Where are you??????

I have not connected in 1 1/2 days. I got a few emails so I connected and decided to look threw this discussion. I seen ruben you must want to initaite some type of drama with me cause at the time of me writting this you had just commented the below question to me in this discussion.

You comment"Couldn´t you didn´t it by using other methods?

If those Italian-American ask you once again, how should you explain it to him?

Tell me

I am Taino but I have not proofs

You are unballanced and inmature Juan

My responce- This is the lesson that brooke and ray were teaching. Why do I need to prove to anyone that i am indian. Jesus this is the whole point of the argument of why ray and brooke jumped in. I still dont understand why you dont get it. I am indian and thats, that. Should not be questioned, or prove it with amerdian traits.

Ruben writes "You are unballanced and inmature Juan"

I was not aware that you knew me personly. Sir I have not met you in person. If I did my foot would be up your ass.


You wrote"An ancestor of me emigrated to Cuba, long time go, afterwards he went to Mexico where he married a part Indigenous woman, I already knew it by my grand-mother, but now some genetical tests showed that my family has some Amerindian ancestry, lesser than 50%, but I have-----

My responce can you prove it? I mean I have done it from day one. You should do it too. Like the rest of us. On top of that you story keeps changing I read a few of the other posts.


Barakutei Yanaouko, Told us a bit of his life story.He he is brave man. He lost a son, something that not many would be able to handle.

Ruben your comment toward this gentelman was "We have "Troll" number three"

My comment' Sir if I if I was infront of you my foot would now be comming out of your mouth you unsensitve bastard. How dare you insult this man
These responses are getting funnier the longer they go on keep em coming guys!
Ok two things!!
1. TainoRay obviously everything offends you. "Troll" is a word used on internet forums to describe someone that likes to lurk around the posts initiating drama and fights between members. We aren't literally calling you a troll as in the cute little toy with a jewel belly button and colored hair. No, sir to you that would be a compliment and I'm not handing that out.

2. Juan I would like to have an amicable parting of ways but I must point something out first and try not to jump the gun here and actualy re read what you wrote. I don't think you seem to understand the word contradict. In your last post to Ruben you said

"My responce- This is the lesson that brooke and ray were teaching. Why do I need to prove to anyone that i am indian. Jesus this is the whole point of the argument of why ray and brooke jumped in. I still dont understand why you dont get it. I am indian and thats, that. Should not be questioned, or prove it with amerdian traits."

Interesting. Then you wrote to Ruben as far as his assertion that he was indigenous:

"My responce CAN YOU PROVE IT? I mean I have done it from day one. You should do it too. Like the rest of us. On top of that you story keeps changing I read a few of the other posts."

If it wasn't so funny Juan I would be afraid for you. You don't even bother to contradicte yourself on seperate posts, no now you are doing it inbetween paragraphs! Like I said before Ha Ha Ha.

And as far as Baracutei he is crazy and inbalanced and he probably gets SSI checks every month, and honestly I am starting to question whether some of you do also. It is terrible what hapened to his family but he is acting like the "white man" is plotting a conspiracy on him. There is a word for that kind of behavior and it is used in psychiatric wards. And let's not forget that he called the United States Air Force the United States Air FART. I don't even believe half of what he is saying. No one who served in the air force would not know how to spell it and it wasn't a typo he did it on more than one occasion.
Your brave is my psychotic.
As far as the use of the word troll, see above.
Danille you are a new member, So you will not understand. Many things that ruben and I have done. This discussion has been on going. I seen the error of my ways. So dont understand why he is getting mad. But now that I dont want to play how much inidan I am ruben is getting mad.

I have done some soul searching. I think that if you want to persue you son ancestory you should do it. Am a bit contradicting right now, Yes. this is the resean I didnt log in for almost two days. I think your son has the right to know even if your husband doesnt know or care. So for that aspect I do want to apologize. Now if you take my apolge or not thats on you. Anyway anybody want to get mad at me for that they can do it I dont care. But I was wrong on this one. I am man enough to admit it.

Now for you comment on baracutie. Thats uncalled for. He lost a son. Like I said my cousin has still not recovered and its been years
Listen asshole. That man lost a son. My cousin lost his son too. My cousin has still not recovered from that. This man told his story and you insulted him. You spaniord dick head.

Ruben wrote"I´m going to say you something, Those man who lost his son was insulting all the whites, I am no responsable for the dead of his son. He wante to kill us all."

MY comments. So now he is a savage and want to kill you all. You dirty spaniord. You know what I will sign up for that see how you guys like it you peace of shit.

Ruben You wrote that I only know I am indian cause of Jorge. Listen asshole. I mean cause this is who you are asshole. Even though you dirty spaniord fobided my ancestory read my page. Below is what is says on my discription

about me"I was born in N.Y. Both my parents are from kiskeya. From a small village in the cibao region. I have alway been aware of my native roots. As a youngster I was very lucky to live in the island for about 3 years. I also had a very good teacher who impressed on us the native part of our culture. Recently meeting Jorge Estevez, who has confirmed many of the thing I new were taino. But who has actually confirmed alot more things that I had no clue were taino. I am intersted in learning as much as I can. Hopefully I will be able to contribute some knowlege aswell. Jorge thanx for the invitation."

If you can read its says I have always been aware. Ok asshole. You guys tried to cover up the fact that we are indians but you were not able to succed with all of us. Jorge did teach me alot of things but I already had my indian identity. Ok you prick

Boy Ray and brooke where right. As long as I was talking about traits master was happy but spaniord master not happy now. Now I am a bastard a savage. You prick mother fucker you burn in hell you deccendants of conquistadores. You claim you are not a deccendant. Listen asshole your a spaniord you a deccendant of these criminals dick head.

Ruben wrote "Are you an Indian Juan, no you aren´t because you have allways denied your ancestry coward."

So now we are the indians but you are? Asshole you a peace of shit. You fucker,
Well you did call him a bastard...But honestly the two of you need to take a breath. You two were friends before and now you're at each other's throats with really bad words. It's ok to disagree with each other, but don't go down like this, for real.
Keish this damn! european was my friend untill I didt want to play indian traits anymore. Now I am a bastard. Boy brooke and ray were right but I just didnt listen. No master is pissed as hell.
Yeah I know but I don't wanna see ya'll get banned or something, not to mention that it's deteriorating pretty damn fast.
Keisha I just read this your right. I will cut my computer of and ruben can say all the stupity that he want.

By the way ruben you are the best touse saladman in europe. You are a good gay guy.
Listen you fucking spaniord faget. You asshole. You dick sucker. You ball sucker. You touse saladman. You who like to get fucked in the ass.

You dont get to talk about taino men. You mother fucker. You peace of shit. Go fuck a goat. Dont talk about y-chromozne. That all you want to disect me like every caucasion who I go tto prove I am indian too.
Ruben comments

"And this damm European has had enough pacience with you."

yeah cause I am a savage move on

"And this damm European is one of the few People who tells People that Taino People are still alive."

But I see that everyday.

"And this damm European worked in an ONG for the Ecuadorian Indians, and fortunlately they were not so arrogant as you are"

Doing good and talking about it. Nothing new here with ruben

"And this damm European has some Amerindian blood, I don´t have to proof it because it is in the soul"

Yeah the soul thing I got it already. But if we all have to prove it you should too. I got to prove it everyday. Why cant yuou prove it once. You are so full of it.

"And this damm European is going to married an Amerindian woman."

Hold up I thought you said yu were indian?

"Playing traits, you were very proud when whe compared the photos, weren´t you?"

Yeah my point exactly. Now you mad cause I want to stop.

"You insulted Danielle a lady, a married lady."

This has nothing to do with danille. She and I are a seprate issue.
Ruben you mother fucker. I am not blaming you dick head. I was giving you an example on how had it could be.


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