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Ruben I support you supporting our resurgence. But how can I say that your an indian when real native are not allowed to be called that. When we still have taino and other indians who blood is indian and dont even now it. Who are lauged at when we say we are indians we have to prove it. Dont take ofence to this but understand till this day we are still denied.
Takaji Tainei Kurixa and everyone:

I have just had an opportunity to read this and feel a response raising to the the surface. I think that it is very important to remember and know that we are NOT from India where the Indian people come from. That is first and very important. Second; we ARE NOT american or amerindian nothing ether. And third; we Tainos WERE NEVER EXTINCT. That lie was said by many to justify their right to steal from us our devoted duty to the land. As a result of this lie, we were made to feel displaced and not having a land to belong to. All my life I have always said that I am Taino Borikua and heard that I could not possibly be Taino because they and all Indians were extinct. Well that foolishness being said, I, simply said that I am not from India where Indians come from and that I am Taino therefore the Tainos are extinct since I and my family are Tainos everyone that I know is Taino also. Sadly, this was always said by whites and many of the Tainos who lived in fear in the whitemans stolen lands. In the u.s.a.f. and army I was treated by many racist whites and in the air fart I was denied reenlistment because some white man said that he didn't know the sgt. but, didn't want he to reenlist; so, out of the air fart I was. Then in the army an unsuccessful attempt on my life was made in the mountains of Virgina and I was also denied medical treatment for the week I was left in my tent without food or water, til someone in my unit brought me some sandwiches and water. When I got out of the army my medical records were stripped in order to cover themselves. But, before the attempt on me was carried out my newly born son was murdered by a whiteman. This whiteman was the medic on call to the scent of the birth with orders to do what he did. The reason for this is to let non Natives know that they can't understand what they put us thru and yet they think that we are just being difficult and unwelcoming. Not So. B.T.W. I found other Taino there in fort dix being discharged from the army as well, just those of us who manage to stay alive. Many of our people have had some horrific experiences at the hands of the whiteman. And we still don't know how to hate. In our Taino language there never existed a word for hate, so therefore we don't know how to and we are better for it.
Taino Ti

I am so sorry to hear what happened to you and your son. May Yocahu & Atabey and all the Cemi's watch over you. I send you many blessings


I am really sorry for your lose i could not even begin to image what it feels like to lose a child.

Blessings and Strength,

Battling Racism

Etiquette for Non-Indians

by John 2 Hawks


Pointers to help well-meaning folks avoid being
unknowingly impolite to American Indian people
Don't ask if we get money from the casino....

Don't bother telling the story about the arrowhead....

Don't pick up a rattle and shake it without at least asking....

Avoid the 'who looks more Indian' stuff....

Don't touch or pick up our personal belongings without asking....

Use the word 'Nation' instead of 'tribe'....

Refer to Indian traditional clothing as regalia, not a 'costume'....

Avoid the 'how much Indian are you' questions....

Don't ask if we are 'full-blood' or 'pure-Indian'....

Don't ask "Are you a real Indian"....

Don't ask 'can I touch you?'....

Avoid interupting, especially with elders....
All in all, be as respectful and courteous as you would
with any other ethnic group and you'll avoid being
unknowingly disrespectful to Indigenous people.

(A good test is to apply the above scenarios to another
ethnic group to get an understanding of just how
offensive they can be)
(All of the above scenarios are based on actual experiences from me, relatives and friends.)
I have friends that are from the cibao region in kiskeya, villages not to far from my own. I have told them about there ancestory and some are aware some arent. In many cases these guys have had friend tell them that they are crazy for belving what I tell them. So I have used traits to prove it to them. This happened even recently when me and my friend from Janico were doing some work. There was an italian american who is a freind of ours. He told my friend you and juan really think your indian, thats a joke, your hispanics. My friend told me and we again went to the triats that the italain friend even looked up in the interntet. So after showing him all these traits and him confirming it that they were mongloid/amerdian traits he is now atleast acknowleging that we have some indian blood. This story has been repeated a few times since I first started my study of anthropogly about 1 1/2 ago. I have takin many of my taino brothers and sister and disecting them to prove to a non native that we are natives. Like I said in one of my post I have done this down to the pinky. All this I have done to prove of our indian ancestory.

Let me repeat. Brooke was right, I was having my family, friends and myself turned into labrats. So if brooke sounded rude then that is what it took. I am cool with that and I actually thank her for that. I mean for 1 1/2 I had tainos open there mouth, show me there hands etc etc etc etc so that I can prove our identity to people who still want to deny us. So was I treating my people as animals yes.
I think the misunderstanding here Juan is that just because YOU think it was ok for Brooke to be rude doesnt mean that it was. And I don't think Ruben is trying to say that he is native, but he is trying to show you that Brook was being contradictive.

Brooke was complaining that all everyone talks about are the physical traits of an indigenous person. She said that being indigenous was about your spirit and soul. But, then when Ruben said he felt indigenous in his soul, she mocked him. This was CONTRADICTIVE. The first post in itself was contradictive when she said that in order to be condsidered indigenous, one must have 5 characteristics of the above people, but yet the whole point of the post was for her to complain about Tainos being determined by their physical traits.
I mean, if someone feels indigenous and connected to the Taino people shouldnt he be welcomed and not mocked. Do you think the Taino people of the 15th century turned people away because they didnt possess certain physical traits.

Where is the love?

I think we have all beaten this post into a dead horse. I think everyone should just agree to disagree and move on with our lives. <3
Yeah, but she was doing it to me.

Danielle campos comments "The first post in itself was contradictive when she said that in order to be condsidered indigenous, one must have 5 characteristics of the above people, but yet the whole point of the post was for her to complain about Tainos being determined by their physical traits."

If you look threw this site this too was targeted towards me.

Danielle comments"I mean, if someone feels indigenous and connected to the Taino people shouldnt he be welcomed and not mocked. "

Yes he should be welcomeed. But he and I were mocking without nowing it.

Danielle comments "Do you think the Taino people of the 15th century turned people away because they didnt possess certain physical traits."

I was going to let it go untill you said the above.

My taino ancestors at that time were slaves. We were the first slave of the american continent. If they didnt convert to catholisim they were tortured and burned alive. Many pregnaunt women baby were yanked right out of there belly smashed against rocks and cut in pieces and fed to the spaniord dogs..... If they didnt meet the quoata for gold they would get there hands and feet cut off. The spaniords would test there sharpness of there sword on my ancestors by slicing. There is alot more but its turning my stomache inside out.

My question is the same, where was the love?
Danielle are you aware that it is estimated that over 100 million native in this continent died during the colonazation era. That the native that you see here and in south american and north american only make up about 5% of what once was.
Juan I am taking about where is the love right now in this post! On this site! AND I was actually referring to the Taino ways before the arrival of the Europeans. Meaning I don't think they did a check on how "native" or like themselves someone was. They were very peaceful, loving and welcoming people.

None of us can go back and change what happened in the past and I'm getting really tired of everyone acting so rightous and turning my words around into something I'm not saying! I know damn well what happened to the indigenous people! The point I have been trying to make is that things are being said that are contradictive and WHY ARE WE ALL STILL ON THIS?! ARE WE ALL REALLY GOING TO KEEP ARGUING? I don't need to be educated about the horrendous things that have been done to all types of people in the history of the world, thank you. The point I was getting at was that I think we should all quit arguing with each other and instead use our time and energy more constructively by educating and getting to know one another.
You my dear have not dealt with the immense amount of ignorance that i have dealt with, so when i have to deal with people like yourself It is frustrating becuase my dear you guys are a never ending breed and you come in waves, and at the end of the day you will go back home to your non taino lives while mine is just starting, and it doesn't end at the internet as i am sure yours does, I'll still be Taino while you are trying to figure out whether or not your mother in law has shovel teeth, which leaves me to ask why are you searching for your husband's roots instead of him, And as far as Ruben not being Indian just like you, I don't really see a problem there

Maybe if you want to learn about a person's culture you should come with respect and humility and realize that this has been around before you, and your husband- and talking about bodily parts and shovel teeth and dissecting your family isn't humble- its down right rude and only an infant could phantom a response to culture in such a degrading way
And Juan stop apologizing, this post has educated the exactly the person I wanted to help on their path all the rest are just the debris we are leaving behind, leave Ruben and Danielle to talk about native body parts to each other and how much their spirit is Indian

In other words see you at the dance social


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