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I was trying to use an example.

But do you know for sure they are not. I mean with out a dought? On top of that I was no including brooke in the example but myself. So being that you didnt question me I am going to assume that you think I am full blooded. So thanx...........
Juan who said I was talking about you? That was why I chose my words carefully saying "most of you" and not singling anyone out in particular. I don't think you even know what you are arguing about anymore and it's childish and your never gonna get the response you want out of me because half the time all you seem to want to do is prove someone wrong or make it like you are educated and the rest of us are not. I'm done with this post. I have said what I wanted and said it well and I stand by every word I have said no matter how much everyone wants to dissect it. This back and forth shit makes me feel like I am in high school all over again. And regardless of whether the creator of this site is white or not what was said was racist because racism is grouping all people into one category and what was said was not true. Good night.
That was why I chose my words carefully saying "most of you" and not singling anyone out in particular.- LOL, are you sure?

I guess in your words I need to "shut the fuck up" as you so beautifully put it, of course who am i to think that as an Indian I can be anything more then a romantic cartoon character or body parts and as we all know cartoon characters are given scripts, and of course who cares about what an Indian is saying and thinking about her own culture, I as you said before "who are you"- but just as long as we are playing this game if I can't talk about my own culture you shouldn't bring up your German heritage

And stop trying to dissociate yourself from Juan's advisement you were thrilled to check your mother in laws teeth until i said something, as you said you thought it was good information and advice lol

As far as your children are concerned you can put them through any test you want, that is your responsibility as a mother to determine whether or not your actions will have serious consequences later, so go ahead and enjoy your Dominican family and their island, and when you are in DR i hope that your romantic ideals will lead into a never ending bliss while natives are suffering form hunger and poverty, because you can't see past your own romantic vacation

maybe when you get over the vacation you can start doing some real work for the islanders the the land that your children derive from
Ruben I am happy you didnt leave us. BUT!

Your comment to brooke "it´s not like you, you are hidding your indentity"

You and I know that the above is a lie. Brooke has been in the resurgence alot longer than I have. I actually dont know how long. The resurgence movement is about affirming our identity. So how can you say the above.

Your comment "People, however you think you are Indian, I think that you on the Street allways denies your heritage out of this site.

You think you are Indian, but in fact you aren´t by your beahaviour, yo have some complex"

So now we are back to thinking we are indians. Jesus how many test do we have to take. Ruben you are actually proving brooke right with these comments.

brooks people are her buisness.

Question should have hutey, enriquillo Agüeybana, anacaona,Canovanax and all the brave taino who fought and gave there life for there people have said you know what I am going to mind my buisness. By they way if we are all reading from the same books that you guy are reading then you guys should know who the above people are. So I dont want to hear that you understand me cause you dont. You have no clue.
Actually sweetie I never tried to disassociate myself from what Juan pointed out to me, get your shit straight. And I never told you that you couldnt talk about your culture. You just have a love for being dramatic and rightous and I am sure it doesnt end at the internet.

And for your information once I live in DR, I will be teaching english to the children in the orphanage through Orphanage Outreach who need volunteers on a long term basis at the orphanage around the block from my husband's grandmother without compensation. Teaching english to these children will allow them better job oppertunities and in essence a better life for themselves and their children. Yeah, sounds like a romantic vacay to me. Try googling Montecristi sweetheart you will see that it is far from a vacation spot. But then again, you know everything, right?
Ruben no one wants you to leave.
Ruben, now I understand why you wanted to leave this site. I don't blame you. There is so much ignorance mixed with arrogance here it makes me sick.

And for the record, indigenous people ARE Mongoloid.
Taino Ti

I understand where all of you are coming from and though I disagree I finally realize that


Sherrif Caracoli and Deputy Brooke
Like I said, this is pure bullshit
I'm honoring my Taino hands and you guys can't take it!!!!!!!!!
to be accurate, those 2 creatures are neanderthal aka EUROPEAN lol
Ruben you are some piece of work lol


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