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racism has become so institutionalized and internalized that the people don't recognize it.
the people being conditioned, taught, to hate themselves and strive to be other than who they are.
LOL samuel trolls they are

Battling Racism

Etiquette for Non-Indians

by John 2 Hawks


Pointers to help well-meaning folks avoid being
unknowingly impolite to American Indian people
Don't ask if we get money from the casino....

Don't bother telling the story about the arrowhead....

Don't pick up a rattle and shake it without at least asking....

Avoid the 'who looks more Indian' stuff....

Don't touch or pick up our personal belongings without asking....

Use the word 'Nation' instead of 'tribe'....

Refer to Indian traditional clothing as regalia, not a 'costume'....

Avoid the 'how much Indian are you' questions....

Don't ask if we are 'full-blood' or 'pure-Indian'....

Don't ask "Are you a real Indian"....

Don't ask 'can I touch you?'....

Avoid interupting, especially with elders....
All in all, be as respectful and courteous as you would
with any other ethnic group and you'll avoid being
unknowingly disrespectful to Indigenous people.

(A good test is to apply the above scenarios to another
ethnic group to get an understanding of just how
offensive they can be)
(All of the above scenarios are based on actual experiences from me, relatives and friends.)
mitakuye oyasin

We are all related
Mitakuye Oyasin

We are all related
CORRECTION: Tainos were also in the southern tip of Florida. Seminoles can attest to that.
Try to remember that there was no such thing as the USA an the Caribbean. Lines were not drawn in a map like today. If you want to really look at it, we're from the Americas. The Collas, Tupis, Guaranis, and Arawaks as a whole, through various migrating times came up through the Orinoco River, up the chain of islands around the same time that the Arcaico were coming down the Bimini Channel from the present day Florida territory, so we ARE US, North, Central and South American. I'll be more than glad to share more with you.
projecting much?
Takaji Da Kurixa:

Thank you Brooke and Caracoli for your understanding. But, what has been done to us is now coming back to them. Especially in europe and the u.s. of a__. Not only will they go threw a great deal of pain and tears, they would not atone for all the evil energy that they have created. The Koaibei teaches the things which are to come. The whites have for many centuries used their religion as a weapon of mass destruction to anyone who did not accept their religion as their own. As in the case of my Great Grand and Grand Father, both were murdered ( a toledo sword threw the heart ) for not accepting the ca-toe-lick religion. So in the not so far future europe will get the very same treatment as they put our people threw. The difference between them is that they will surrender very quickly to the new religion. They will be enslaved and will only experience a little of what they have done to everyone else. We will live to see these things happen. Also in the future england will become a state of the u.s. of ass for their own protection. The u.s. of a__ will become a much smaller piece od lands; it will be two (2) lands with the missippissipi river and the ohio river running threw the lands of lest states. There is much more to say about these future events to come and they will be told. And, one more thing, I have never, not even for a split second held anger towards the whites. have never held any hate towards the whites?

Well gee whiz you sure could have fooled me by the tone of your posts....

I can't even be pissed off with these posts now I just laugh ha ha ha
Your use of that troll word is offensive Ruben


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