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Walking The Red Road

Creator has a plan for each of us. We must strive to walk the Red Road, to fulfill our lives paths. We must learn to listen to what our heart's speak to us. We must pray and let the smoke take our prayers to Creator. Not just sometimes when we have a need, but daily. In the morning when the day is new and in the evening before we rest. We must thank Creator for our food and all he has given us. It is He who loves us and He who made us.

We must do our part to care for Mother Earth as she is sick and in need. She provides us with all we need to survive. The food we eat, the air we breathe. We must do all we can to make sure she can continue to provide, for the sake of the children.

We must love one another. Love means caring, compassion, and sacrifice. To do all we can do to help each other. Whatever the need is, food, clothing, a warm place to sleep, council, prayers or a hug, we do all we can for our brothers and sisters of this world. Real love is all the time, not just when we want to, or when we have time.

We must teach the children to walk the Red Road, to care for Mother Earth. We must teach them their heritage, their culture. The children are the future, and if we fail to teach them, their heritage is lost to them, and we as Native Americans will cease to exist as a people.

We must teach them to walk tall, to be proud of who and what they are. We must teach them to fight the injustices of all the Native Americans as a whole. To band together as one people, one tribe, and to put aside their differences, and focus on the rights of our people as one people. To stand together as one. To be one strong Nation. To agree to disagree for the good of our people as a whole. To fight for the protection of Mother Earth, and all creations on her.

We should never judge another person as we have not lived their lives, nor do we know what their hearts speak to them. When others do us wrong, we need to pray for them, not show anger, and vengeance. Show love and teach by example.

We must never disrespect the beliefs of another as we all have to listen to what our heart's speak to us. We have no right to change their beliefs and should respect them as we wouldn't want another to do this to us and our beliefs. Always respect others beliefs, ideas, and demand they respect yours. Always treat others as you want to be treated. Strive to be the best person you can be, and grow Spiritually everyday.

Always know the words you speak can have a profound effect on another person, and chose those words so as not to inflict hurt on another's heart, as words can never truly be taken back, you can apologize, and be forgiven, but the scars left by those words are forever in the heart of those we hurt. Always remember this before you speak and ask yourself if your words will inflict hurt before you say them.

Try not to waste time with worrying as it won't change things. Use your energy on more positive things. These are just my thoughts...

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Bo matum -- well said and from the heart

–from another traveler on the Red Road -- rixturey
It's a hard road to take but it is worth every effort.



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