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Words are very powerful. They can be used as healing medicine and they can be used as black magic. Be careful of the words you choose. You can save a life and you can destroy a life through words. Don't get me wrong it takes two to be involved. The person using the words as healing or as black magic and the person receiving these words. The person receiving these words has to make a choice whether to believe it and accept these words or to reject them. For example if I told you that you were no good and you believe and accept these words I am using black magic on you and by you accepting them you will see yourself as no good. Now if I tell you that you are a beautiful person and you believe these words I am using my words as healing and you will if not now eventually see yourself as a beautiful person. I see many people who are filled with anger, bitterness and hatred using black magic through words. Parents do it to their children. You see it happening in schools throughout the United States and even in churches you will hear gossip that have destroyed people and even marriages. We need to choose how we will use our words and there are benefits for using your words as healing medicine. At the same time using words as black magic will only make you more angry, bitter and filled with more hatred. It is my prayer that everyone chooses to use their words as healing medicine. This world would be a better place to live in.
Written By Bear Warrior

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Tau Brother
This is one of the most important statements that have been posted in this forum. For a long time words used like weapons or just simply with extreme carelessness have helped keep the Taino community in a state of constant divisiveness. Now more recently I have noticed in the case of at least one individual in our Taino community , who revels in the indiscriminate use of offensive, hostile and hateful language and who has been expelled from just about every forum that he has joined as a result of this behavior, how others whose agenda is served by his behavior defend him with language that discribes his disgusting verbage as "colorful". These others know very well that the behavior of this misguided individual is destructive but since his agression is usually aimed at those they do not agree with they encourage that behavior and praise him at every turn. That is the level of verbal negativity that has been reached in some sectors of our Taino community. I pray that your words reach as many of our brothers and sisters as possible and that we are capable of overcoming these obstacles to our development as a people.
Taino ti
Hello to all!

Although I agree that thoughts are where our words are born, I do believe that words carry energy of their own. I think this is why so many origination stories have creation beginning with words or song. This idea is found all over the world, not just in the judeo/christian/islamic version of creation...

I have also read that the brain stores words and assigns emotional content to them, so when a person hears a word- regardless of context- they react to the emotions they have assigned to that word.

Miguel, I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments. We, as human beings, need to be more aware of the words we use and how we use them. I don't believe that is something that many are taught to do and much suffering is caused because of it.

The internet is a forum for written words

words have a permancy on the internet

You can't take back what you wrote even if you wanted to

They send a vibe on what we feel at a particular moment

Words are also inspirational

That vibe sustains me


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