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As noted on June 18th, 2009, Maximillian Forte is no longer owner/administrator of this, our Indigenous Caribbean Network. Max's dedication to the Indigenous Caribbean people led him to the creation of this site and he has relinquished ownership and all administrative duties to the Council of Women. Your new administrators are Carrie, Orocobia and Nanu; three Taino women who had previously volunteered to take on co-administrative duties in a supportive role.

We are honored to be able to serve our friends and family in this manner.

Most groups available to us are micromanaged by one male (cacike) and very often they have the last word. In keeping with Traditions, we stand united as a Women's Council as opposed to a governing force. We began participating on the ICN as regular members, with the purpose of sharing our experiences and learning from others; as you may have noticed, this has not changed. The only difference is our having accepted the mantle of leadership as well.

This entails many responsibilities, both routine and extraordinary. We have a great group of intelligent, creative and active people, so we don't expect a huge change by way of our interactions. However, we are considering some changes to mark our new standing as an indigenous managed site. Suggestions are always welcome.

As you have noticed, we have kept both our personal IDs as well as a collective Council of Women ID. Any news, changes or announcements offered as a Council will be posted via this collective ID. You may assume that any information provided via this ID or email, has been agreed to by all council members. In the event that you need assistance, we recommend you email us via our individual member pages since this will go directly to our personal emails thus providing you a quicker response.

We are grateful to Max for having created and supported the ICN for as along as he did. Bo'matum, Max. We hope to be of service to our people and allow the space for us all to grow and learn together.

Nabori'daka, Oma'bahari,
Council of Women
Carrie, Orocobia and Nanu

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Comment by Maximilian Forte on July 26, 2009 at 7:11pm
I just finished posting a lengthy update here, concerning my continued delays in setting up the Indigenous Caribbean Center as a successor the Caribbean Amerindian Centrelink. I don't think that creating the new ICC as planned as any longer within my grasp. I also think that this network contains more information, and much of it produced collaboratively and with lots of discussion, that an ICC could not compete. The only problem is that this network is private, so its contents are not openly accessible to the wider world. I can think of good arguments both for and against, but I am wondering if you would like to discuss the option of making it public again?
Comment by Caracoli on July 18, 2009 at 11:43am
good Luck to you all

you have my support

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