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Lecture at the College of Ana G. Mendez in OrlandoFlorida

Yesterday I gave a lecture at the college of Ana G. Mendez in Orlando, Florida. The lecture pointed out errors within the history and genealogy of Don Juan Ponce de Leon, the survival of the Indigenous people, the Taino and the Guanahatabey of the Caribbean Islands of Cuba, Isla Hispanola and Isla de San Juan de Puerto Rico survived and left maternal genetic descendants despite the destruction and abuse they suffered during the conquest of the aforementioned islands. 

At the end of the lecture I was surprised by Ms. Palmira Ulbinas when she presented me with a special Congressional Recognition Certificate signed by Congressman Alan Grayson. The lecture was derived from the Archival documentation and reference documentation within my book, Juan Ponce de Leon His New And Revised Genealogy.

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Comment by Miguel Sague Jr on October 14, 2013 at 11:28pm

Takaji M Relative

Please receive my thanks for this important contribution to our on-going dialog. Please keep them coming :-)

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