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Such a great honor to have collaborated with my Kasike Roberto Mukaro Borrero, yesterday April 6  in the celebration of an areito in Orlando Florida. The event was a joint project of PROPA (PUERTO RICAN ORGANIZATION FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS) and UCTP, (the UNITED CONFEDERATION OF TAINO PEOPLE). Kasike Mukaro delivered an informative overview of his recent Taino language project Gu'ahia Taino, an amazing encyclopedic dictionary of Taino words. The leader of PROPA, Melanie Maldonado shared her experiences in ancestry explorations. I was asked to lead the group in a call to the four directions at the opening and a New Moon Ceremony at the end.

We were joined by Taínos and allies from the Orlando region, as well as from other parts of Florida and other places of the USA. 

We were also joined by the kasike of the Taino community of the US Virgin Island, which was recently recognized as a legitimate Taino Indigenous tribe on that island territory.

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