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registration form art all night Pittsburgh

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Tainos en Cuba

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At 8:44pm on April 27, 2009, Arenahi said…
Yup. The garifuna do it as well. You can see pictures of the entire process here. I am sure you will recognize all the parts! :-P
At 1:38am on April 27, 2009, Arenahi said…
Wow your pictures are beautiful. I love the picture where the woman is making the cassava bread.
At 12:26am on January 28, 2009, jonasangelet said…
have you come across any books on symbols of natives (art, decor, textiles) I am starting a research project on Native tribal markings and motifs and thought I might see if you have come across anything interesting in your travels.
At 1:33pm on December 30, 2008, Guy Marco said…
Hello - I got a sad news that Harold D'Aguir passed away in Boa Vista, from Laureen, and funeral is on Friday.
At 5:06pm on December 29, 2008, AkuTurey said…
Great pictures!
At 5:37am on November 28, 2008, NANIKI-BO MAN OF SPIRIT said…
TAU TI...hello toyou blessings to you maythe angels chower you with blessings
At 2:27am on November 28, 2008, Juan Almonte said…
WOW sorry for the long book.
At 2:27am on November 28, 2008, Juan Almonte said…
Hey Kawe, Intersting post you left me.

You asked if I speak taino. The answer is yes and no. The last person in dominican republic to speak the full taino language past away 1850 I belive. I think that more or less its the same for puerto rico and cuba. I will have to asked Jorge Estevez who is a taino from dominican rep. He works in the native american mussuem and bring many many indigenous people from diffrent tribes together. But luckly for us taino's he also works in the resurgence of our people. He has great knowlege of all native things including archoelogy , anthropolgy etc etc. Many things on my taino ancestors myth, gods, tradition, culture etc etc.

Yes, we speak taino. because many of dominican, puerto rican and cuban spanish actually have many tainos words. Words that sometime we are not even aware of that are taino. As a matter of fact if you speak english you have already used taino words, hurricane, potatoe, canoe, hammock, barbeque there are more I cant remember. The spaniards too have absorb some of taino words into there language. Keep in mind many of european plates have indigenous fruits and veggies from this continent. What would pasta be with out tomatoe (indigenous name and fruit) Ireland pride themself on there potatoe (obvously onother indigenous veggie) there are many plates threw europe that if it wasnt for our continent they would not have. Chocolate being one of them too. Swedish just added sugar to it and made it there own. Anways. our spanish esepcially in the parts of the island that are more mountanes and have a more indigenous population. Are actually seasoned with taino pronounciation. Alot of people think that its a very hick way of speaking. But its spanish with a taino accent. Till this day can be heard with tainos from dominican rep, puerto rico and cuba.

I do know that many are trying to revive our languge. I feel it shouldnt be that hard cause we are using many taino words already. Obviosly things have changed. My mom told me that three generation back on both side my parents relatives had taino first name and middle names. Now some taino names are used but not as much as back then.
At 11:47am on November 27, 2008, Juan Almonte said…
Hey, joy thanx for you reply. I read that your a full ameridian. Do you still speak your peoples original tounge. dominican, puerto rican and cuban spanish has many taino words. I am hoping that in my lifetime my people can revive our original language. I mean we are using so many words as it is. Anyways enjoy your holliday.
At 9:15pm on November 26, 2008, Juan Almonte said…
Sorry I should have read the below comments first. I see your not originally from columbia. But if you know the answer that would be appreciated. I will probably look it up on the net anyways.
At 9:11pm on November 26, 2008, Juan Almonte said…
Hey Kawe, I have a friend who is from columbia too. He has very strong ameridian looks. I tell him that he should look into his ancestory. What are the tribes that columbian ameridians brother and sisters come from?
At 9:37am on November 26, 2008, Guy Marco said…
Can you name some some your relatives in Lethem/St. Ignatius/Annai whose last name is as your your and Ambrose? Do you know Rudolph Ambrose?
Are those Simons in Quartamang (Annai) your relatives?
How far is Tipulu form Karasabai/Tiger Pond? I have an Uncle there - John ( my mother's brother).
I have only landed in Karasabai once on my way to Gt and visited Tiger Pond once as a teenager.
I understand that there is a road now linking all the places that you have mentioned. It ends at Kato ( I spent some time there when I was part of a researh team -leading up to Rain Forest project - Iwokarama) . My cousin - Maureen D'Aguir - went through there last year meeting all our relatives.
I hope to do that one day also.
At 9:24am on November 26, 2008, Guy Marco said…
Is your family ok in Raposa after the recent shooting of the Macushi people there by the farmers?
At 9:36pm on November 24, 2008, Kawe said…
hi all,
sorry for not replying to you all individually...not being rude or anything - just tight on time.
I'm Joy Simon, orginally from Tipuru village north of Karasabai. I attended the St. Ignatius school for a very short period and even taught there for a while. I left Guyana 15 years ago (I married and English guy). I do go home often as we can afford to. This year however is out of the question as I plan to finish my studies in sociology and child psychology. Our next visit to Guyana will be in 2010 July. I have famly in Raposa, Brazil and in the Lethem (Ambrose, Simon) and in Annai (Simon) and of course Karasabai (Simon and Jacobs) and some far reletives - great/aunts/uncles in Yorong Peru and Monkey Mountain...never visited that area. I still do speak Macushi :)
Ruben - asi que no soy Clombiano, disculpe....pero soy indugena pura!! Mucho gusto.
I am really looking forward to discussions on here. I am still exploring the site of course so I'd be glad for any guidance from you all.
At 9:58am on November 24, 2008, Philip Duncan said…
At 6:30am on November 24, 2008, George Simon said…
Pleasure meeting you. Come to visit Guyana sometime..
At 1:59am on November 24, 2008, Guy Marco said…
So I guess you went to St. Ignatius Secondary (from looking at you info- Lethem, Guyana) and you are now living in Colombia due to your teaching post (?)
So what your full name? Family name? Do you know that I have relatives around there in the Pakaraimas? My paternal great grandparents are Alekunas who has roots in Venezuela- at least I was told. But looking at my last name -Marco - it shows indeed an influence ( it must have been 'stolen').
When I was younger - teenager- my late father Martin wanted to take me there - your village and beyond - but then I was too young to think seriously about the importance of family linkages. Now I regret it. But my brother Jeff (health worker) was able to meet one of the relatives through his radio set contacts. Now he is married to my other brother's wife's sister. So at least I now have a linkage to go by in search of my father's relatives.

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