before i post i try to remember that ...

in 2009, i pledged to celebrate differences and make them a place where we can come together in peace and luv

everything on the internet is permanent (be aware that as a professionals, we can have our licenses revoked for certain behaviors)

i use language that shows respect for myself and my elders both here and on the network, it is the living example i am to my children and my community

if i have nothing positive to share, then sitting quietly and listening is the best learning i can do

sometimes others will take offence to my postings and attack with negativity and bad words. i try to face these moments with peace and strength from within so that i am not drawn in to words of violence. i must stand strong, with hope and dignity and remember that we are not all on the same path. being patient with my brother allows others to be patient with me

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Taino Ti Guajataka

Great post it should be answered by many

I really like your point on patience

I pray to have the patience for others on this site and for those to have patience with me.

Education and respect are the key

We have many elders on this site who have been part of the Taino Rersurgence since its beginnings. They are needed to impart their knowledge and wisdom.

I'm waiting for them to chime in

I wonder what role the new ones will play in our movement ?

I wonder if they are at all interested in the Taino resurgence movement

We Tainos are very few

There are alot of important issues to be discussed and some will ruffle feathers

Thats because of the colonization of our peoples land and minds

I really would like to see those issues dealt with with respect and honor

The Taino Naboria Society site was created with that intention

Not every post has to be controversial

we also have alot of beautifull things that we can talk about

We can get together in fellowship like we did at the Traditional Social Dance

We must have courage to tackle the problems that plague our community

In love, respect and honor so that we can leave a lasting legacy for our children and for those yet unborn

Taino Ti

Let me leave you with that has survived from our Ancient ones and what could be.

Leave you with something which really was my intention

Which are many peoples intention

I love the Taino People very much and this is for all of you








Your discussion is right on the mark.  Patience, Peace, Strength, Hope,& Dignity.  Amazing, where would we be without these precious Qualities?  They are all gentle, peace keeping qualities.  On a daily occurance, we use these qualities.  One thing we do with them is " soften " the situations around us.  Let us remember, that these same qualities resonate "within" us, also.  Each time we use them, we feel much stronger in each quality yet more peaceful within ourselves. therefore ready to pass it on to our Brothers & Sisters.

Keep with your amazing goals & pledges, my sister

Taino Ti     KOKUYO


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