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Pet Peeeeeeeeves!

"Federal Recognition"
We were here 100,000 years before you, and you don't 'recognize' us?

This is something that has always been a pet peeve of mine.
The United States is just a baby - not even 250 years old yet.
The Indian Nations of this Turtle Continent are nearly all into
the many thousands of years old. Yet, for political reasons,
an Indian Nation which was in existence 9,000 years before
there was a 'USA' has to be 'Federally Recognized' by the
USA to be considered a legitimate Indian Nation. I find this
ridiculous. It seems to me, that the ancient Indian Nations
of this land oughta be trying to decide if they 'recognize' the
USA as a legitimate nation! It just doesn't make any sense
in my mind that an Indian Nation which PRE-dates the USA
has to 'prove' its legitimacy and beg the U.S. to 'recognize'
it as a real nation. Of course, I am fully aware that there
are certain Treaty and political interests that play into this,
but the concept of a 50,000 year old Indian nation begging
a 250 year old baby nation to 'recognize' it peeeeeeves me!

By John Two-Hawks

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They became pacified, like the results of the Civil Rights Movement.They have come under the "spell" of those who seek to accommodate the governments interests, those whom I called "Uncle Tonto's" (like Uncle Tom's)....

Not to mention that people in the U.S. are just asleep other parts of the world, people will riot with no problem, turn some shit out....but not here....'the struggle' has become "antique" in the eyes of neo-liberalism and out of style, so "60's".....

33-32 107 corona NY 11368 tell me that shit to my face you asshole
Listen asshole last names mean nothing. They were giving to indians for censuring purposed you stupit mother fucker you dont even know you hitstoy. You are deccendant of slave owner. Say whatever about last names it means nothing to me. Your spanish language forced on us means shit to me. I care two shit for european langauges. They are not my original tounge you prick mother fucker. You look like a transexual.
Good Indian, Bad Indian stereotype in action folks.
Any time we assert ourselves then

We are not Indians lol

Keisha like always you get it big time

I hate stereotypes but I guess they are one of society's necessary evils. I may come across as the "Good Indian" because 1.) I don't speak out about the atrocities committed against our people, but that's largely due to the fact that I honestly have not done much research and 2.) yes, I am a peace-loving person. Do I pit myself against Europeans? No. Do I side with them? No. Do I consider myself Taina? ABSOLUTELY.
LOL, very true.

I was good indian when i wanted to talk about my ribcage, hands, teeth and skull.

Bad indian when I wanted to say no more. I am indian take me as I am. No more disecting.

By the way thanx for jumping in and difusing the situation. But these words were just piling up. I am sure he means well. Cause I meant well in the begining too. I was not aware that I was not only insulting every member here including myself. But all indigenous people past and present.


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