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I am a law student in Canada. I am studying aboriginal law and have an opportunity next year to earn credits by interning with an indigenous organization. It does not have to be an organization in Canada; it can be anywhere. I am interested in finding an organization/law office/government department working on Kalinago legal issues (land, resources, self-government, family law, etc.), especially in Dominica. Can anyone suggest anything, or is working with the government department of "Carib affairs" the only option?

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I would go straight to Chief Williams and/or the Carib Council. You will probably have to do it by snail mail or phone because it is hard to get contact with them by email.
Believe it or not I actually did send Chief Williams a letter last June. I received no reply.
I'm sorry. I know how hard it is to get in contact with them. He and his wife own a guest house, I have been able to get in contact with his wife using the phone. The info is on this page
Hmmm, apparently the link didn't show. It's .
If the Dominica option does not seem likely to work out, you might also consider Guyana as an alternative, where certainly you would have an (over)abundance of work and possibilities, both with organizations like the Amerindian Peoples Association (to name one among others), as well as the Ministry for Amerindian Affairs.
Thanks for the suggestion. The reason I was interested in Dominica is partially because I have a few friends there, but also because of the reserve system that was set up by the British. It mirrors what happened in Canada, but the current situation is quite different. Canadian indigenous people have become rather powerful and have affected the constitution, legislation and the common law. Some are working to form self-governing communities, although the struggle is far from over. It is interesting to contrast this with the Carib situation. Few people here know that a reserve exists there; we generally only discuss the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand with regards to this topic.
I also forgot one key thing: there are people from Dominica's Carib Territory right in this network, as well as Guyanese indigenous people, in case you want to speak with either or both. You will have to do a search however, as right now I cannot recall the names of the Dominicans in particular.


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