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Prayer Request (My son Papi)

I want to ask everyone to keep my son Papi in prayer. He is 19 years old. He was arrested tonight for some B.S. About 7 months ago he was working at Wall Mart and a fellow employee went through his line using a stolen credit card that had his name on the card. They fired my son saying that he should have checked his ID. I have used my card several times at Wall Mart and have never been once asked for ID and this guy was an employee. They thought my son was an accomplice which he wasn't. He was suppose to go to court but was never notified that he had to go to court so he had a warrant for his arrest not knowing.

My son is a Security Guard and is the type of person who will bend over backwards to help others out. The only way he won't help someone is if they disrespect family or try to hurt family. Then he will hurt the person who tried hurting family but otherwise he is a very good young man with values and principles and now this. He could have sued Wall Mart for his firing but refused to because that is not our way so now for the first time in his life he will be seeing the inside of a jail cell. I ask that you pray for my son asking Creator to make a way for my son to get out on his own recognizance so that he doesn't lose his job and so that he can be with his 2 year old son. Thank you for your praying for my son.

Bear Warrior

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Taino Ti

I will include your son in my prayers, I send many blessings to your family. May the Lord of Justice reign supreme and exonerate your son for what he has been wrongly accused.

nabori daca Taino

Hey bearwarrior, I send you a private email. I hope that helps. Keep postive my brother. I too will have your son in my prayers. Keep us posted.
I thank you for your prayers. He is a mature and responsible young man and father. Of all my 10 living children he and one of my daughters were the ones I would never in my lifetime think I would have to visit in a jail.
Bear Warrior
Wal-Mart is an awful place to work and they treat employees like scum. Part of the way I support people like your son is by never shopping there. If he was not notified about court it is important that he makes that known to the court. He should see a lawyer if at all possible. I'm sure everything will be okay.
Well my son went to court today. I was in court all day and then went and bailed my son out. In the process of this mess I forgot I was suppose to go to court today for a fix it ticket so now I have a warrant for my arrest for failure to appear. I will go and try to straighten out this mess in the morning.
Bear Warrior


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