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Tainos en Cuba

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Knowledge is Power! I start this off because it’s the truth. Respect to the elders in this group and hope that more will post and get involved. Can members in this group post what books are good to have? Adults as well as children books that tells you about Tainos. I would love to learn the tales, language, arts, history, spirituality, hieroglyphics etc. If you know of a good site please let us know.

I would like to know the names to this, what do you call in the Taino language a healer, a spiritually person, an herbiest, and one who deal with the ancestors? Want to say thank you to the Taino Nation. When are you guys going to have the next meet up?



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Wanakan Cultural Center is on this Network is here, are they are group, I would like to link up
No, the wanakan cultural center is part of the taino nation of the antilles, every second saturday of the month, I think you came twice no? correct me if i am wrong, I remember the babies and your cousin.
Nacion Taina de las Antillas
PO Box 883NYC, N.Y.
(212) 866-4573(718) 287-4853

Jatibonicu Taino Tribal Nation of Boriken
US Regional Tribal Affairs Office
703 South Eight Street
Vineland, New Jersey 08360

United Confederation of Taino PeoplePO Box 4515 Grand Central StationNYC, N.Y.

Tribu Taina del Turabo
Clan del Manati
45552 Clearview Terrace
Sterling, VA 20164
Tel: (703) 404-4440
E-Mail: Baguanamey@aol.com

El Concilio Taíno Guatu-Ma-cu A Borikén, Inc.
Correo: Reparto Teresita Calle 20 - T1, Bayamón, PR 00961

Ku Karey Spiritual Circle, Inc.
PO Box 863Mount Pocono, Pa. 18344

Consejo General de Tainos BorincanosHC 61 - Buzon 5075
Trujillo Alto, P.R. 00976(787) 643-4526
(787) 798-5049E-mail

Caney Indian Spiritual Circle

El Caney Quinto Mundo
HC - 01 Box 5761Ciales, P.R. 00638-9624
E Mail
Tau Relatives
Thanks brother for including the Caney in your list.
Please note that the website address for the Caney Indigenous Spiritual Circle has changed
The new address is
Taino Ti
Thank yo for this
don't forgot taino naboria society click here and taino naboria society blogger click here
oh my
i am just simply overwhelmed by all these responces
you all are awesome!


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