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Caney Circle with Lancaster, Pennsylvania Taino Community

Takaji My Relatives

It was a remarkable honor for me to have been given the opportunity this past Saturday November 17 2012 of sharing the  Taino energies of our CANEY SPIRITUAL CIRCLE tradition with our Taino relatives living in the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area.

I arrived in Lancaster at around 12:00 Noon from my home in Pittsburgh and found the members of Yukayeke Ma'Oconuco already arriving at the Mennonite Church events hall where the gathering was scheduled to take place.

Members of the community had placed a wonderful array of arts and crafts on display in certain areas of the hall.

The event began with a request from Kasike Carlos for me to open with a blessing just before the meal sharing. I offered a special prayer and ceremony dedicated to the traditions surrounding Harvest that are part of our Taino heritage. It included a number of chants from our Caney Circle culture.

 The meal was awesome! Several of the praticipants brought in delicious dishes including several of Boricua tradition.

It was beautiful to see the kasike standing at the dinner line as one of the servers, litterally SERVING HIS PEOPLE, an example to all leaders, very much like a number of other great Taino kasikes with whom I am associated, of whom I am very proud. These leaders are few and precious! May Yaya bless good leaders such as this.

After the meal the people gathered up their intruments, mayohuakans, marakas, guamos etc and the Taino music began. :-)


It was a joy for me to dance with my people.



It was a marvelous surprise to again get together with our dear Cree sister Janie Blue Sky Woman who recently moved to this area of Pennsylvania with her family.

I had the honor of finally meeting Taino brothers and sister with whom up to now I have only had online contact.

 I am eternaly grateful to Kasike Carlos MaIuambo of the Taino Yukayeke, MaOconuco of Lancaster, as well as the other leaders of the yukayeke and all the members of the community for extending the invitation to me to come there and share in their wonderful Autumn event.

I am grateful to Ata Bey, the Cosmic Matriarch and Yoka Hu the Lord of the Life Force in their sacred unity as YAYA the Great Spirit for giving me this opportunity to spend time with my Taino brothers and sisters of central Pennsylvania.

Seneko Kakona (Many Blessings) to all.
Taino Ti

Miguel Sobaoko Koromo Sague (Black Ribs)


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Comment by Mother Crow on November 19, 2012 at 11:29pm

It was such a blssing and an honor to be there with all my brothers and sisters


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