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We Celebrated Taino Full Moon Ceremony In Verona, Pennsylvania Nov 25, 2012

Takaji My Relatives

It was my honor to lead Full Moon Ceremony this past Sunday November 25, 2012 at the Verona, Pensylvania teaching and healing lodge of the CANEY INDIGENOUS SPIRITUAL CIRCLE. We were blessed with the attendance of a wonderful small group of Peaceburghers including several of our dearest friends and also a few new participants. Our sister, the musician Mandy (FatMandee) Kivowitz honored us by assuming the sacred role of the Cosmic Matriarch Atabey during this the ceremony that honors the MOTHER SPIRIT's monthly manifestation of fertility. Mandy was led by my wife Lenia Mais guariche Sague through the ritual of lighting the two flames (this time it was two candles instead of the usual two torches), and the recitation of the sacred words "WE WOMEN HAVE WITHIN US THE RHYTHM OF THE UNIVERSE..."

In the billowing curls of smoke of Taino "tabonuko" copal and sacred tobacco of my clay Taino cachimba (pipe) our prayers rose up to the cemies (spirits) as we sat in a circle in my living room.

The beautiful old chants of the Caney Circle; "Taino Ti Guakia Bibi" to Mother AtaBey and "Guariche Guakia Ba Areito Guaturey" to our blessed sister Maroya the moon reververated in the chill air of this November evening in Southwestern Pensylvania. We also honored our heaven-dwelling father, the holy spirit of the yuca plant, the sky and the sun, LORD YOKAHU the Lord of the Life Force.

We culminated our ceremony with a kansi sweat purification ritual in our guanara ceremonial lodge, dedicating each one of the four rounds to Achiano the spirit of the South, Koromo the spirit of the West, Rakuno the spirit of the North and Sobaiko the spirit of the East. Our brother the Cheyenne warrior Harold (Dog) Roman Nose, the fire-keeper, as usual, blessed us with a fine guatu sacred fire for the ciba stones. each one of which entered our guanara  as a living, glowing orokoel (grandfather).

My sincerest Jajom (thanks) and Bo Matun (gratitude) to all of my relatives who participated in this ceremony with us this past Sunday.

Seneko Kakona to all.

Taino Ti


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