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Participating in the Starwood outdoor festival

 Takaji My Relatives

I travelled to southern Ohio yesterday to participate in a week-long outdoor festival called STARWOOD.

A came here with my son Miguel BanoManigua Sague III (Cha) and close friend and musician Mandee Kivowitz to take part in festivities and workshops on a variety of subjects concerning alternative traditions.

I set up a small display of the Caney Circle fundraising merchandize, including our line of hand-woven Maya fabrics, t-shirts emblazoned with images of traditional Maya scenes and Native American-themed house decore products. In the display booth I set up a place for personal readings and divinations using the Caney Circle Taino seashell reading tradition.

I am scheduled to present two workshops one on Thurtsday July12 on the tradition of shamanism in Taino culture and one on  Saturday on the 2012 Maya prophecy.


 I will be returning to Pittsburgh on Sunday.

Taino Ti


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