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Taino Awards event in New York April 2010

Takaji My Relatives

This past Saturday April 24 the Kacike Marie Maweiaru of the Ku-Karey Spiritual Circle, Inc and Yamocuno Tanama Yukayeke Taino in co-operation with Bohike Candy Warishi sponsored the second annual Taino Awards Event at the lower east side establishment PUERTO RICAN POETS CAFE.

The event was again Em cee'd by well-known New York Boricua Taina poet and performer Caridad De La Luz "La Bruja

Many of our beautiful Taino and Taina brothers and sisters from the Big Apple and elsewhere were in attendance, representing with their presence practically every known Taino organization and then some!

The nominees were:

Venessa Inaru Pastramo

Roman Guaraguaorix Perez

Carlso GuaraguaoBo

Jose Munoz Vazquez

Mildred Cruz

Roberto Mukaro Agueibana

Miguel Sobaoo Koromo Sague

Enrique Correa


Edwin Gua Coki Gua Teketa Maguey Cedeno

Taino Almestica

Fransisco Coqui Baerga

Luis Iukibuel Ramos Anakakuya

Joe Kaonabo Garcia

Dalia Keiarei Viera

La Bruja sparkled on the stage as she led the audience through the proceedings.

There was a beautiful digital video presentation intro, and the event was opened by Bohikes Maweiaru and Warixi through a powerful and inspiring ceremony that invited into our midst the essence of the spirits of the four directions as well as our Mother Ata Bey and our Father Yoka Ju.

The nominees were called up to the stage one by one and presented with a copy of the beautiful award that was designed by our brother Uayan.

These beautiful tokens were crafted by Uayan and each adorned with a copper leaf to represent the color of the skin of our ancestors. They were perfect!

Below I invite you to enjoy images from the event.

Taino Ti!

Reproductions of ancient Taino artefacts

Please visit the Taino Spirituality web video channel to see a video of Kacike Mukaro accepting his award

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Comment by Shihan Candy "Warixi" on May 13, 2010 at 8:41am
Thank you Sobaokokoromo for your beautiful pictures, and thank you to everyone that supported this event. :)
Comment by Caracoli on April 29, 2010 at 7:27am
I like the Way The Artist Beike Uayan interpreted the Cemi with the body inside of it. It shows how artist are so important because they unlock the secrets of our spirit
Comment by Rafael Iuaonbo Aponte on April 27, 2010 at 5:18pm
Great people, great time , great pic's . I love it


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