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This Network is Now Indigenous Controlled

As of 16 June 2009, I am no longer the network administrator, a position one occupies when you found a network on NING. When one establishes a network, even those you invite to serve as co-administrators still have fewer "privileges" than the founder, who can remove them all at any time. For several months that has been the situation with ICN, as Nanu, Orocobia, and Carrie joined me in administering the site.

Given many competing duties and interests, and the fact that there was no need for a non-indigenous, non-Caribbean person to serve as over lord, I decided to withdraw. As a result, ownership of the network has now been transferred to three wonderful, energetic, friendly, professional and hard working Taino women, as mentioned above Nanu, Orocobia, and Carrie Medina -- combined into one entity, that lovely eye you see in the sidebar, with the name "Site Administration."

It is also important that this is one of the few sites controlled by Taino women.

I have now become a member like everyone else, and I may have more time to contribute more in the coming months. Within the next year (famous last words), I hope to finally complete editing four documentary films I have been working on since 1998, about the Caribs of Trinidad. I had originally intended them for distribution through academic distributors, but the prices are steep to buyers (typically $400 US for a 30 min. documentary), and the politics of sharing with the Carib Community can be intricate, delicate, and complex. Therefore, the documentaries will be available for free, online, through my Vimeo page. More, when they are finally done.

Very best wishes to the new administrators!

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Comment by Darla Day Clancey on June 20, 2009 at 11:03pm
Thank you Max,
Your time and effort is much appreciated and what you created is so needed.
It keeps the circle strong and growing.....
The four sacred colours are the four races of mankind and that is a blessing....
Megwetch...Darla Clancey
Comment by Joshua M Seidl on June 20, 2009 at 7:56am
Thank you for instituting this site.
Comment by Alex Zacarias on June 19, 2009 at 7:10pm
Change is constant - change is good - suerte!

Comment by Miguel Sague Jr on June 19, 2009 at 7:16am
Tau Max
I can not imagine anybody better ecquipped to take over this important responsibility than these three women and although the fact that you are not Indigenous and not Caribbean never felt like an issue to me personally in regards to the legitimacy of your position as owner and administrator of the site i do see your point that it is an mportant historical reality that three Caribbean Indigenous women are the administrators of a Ning site devoted to the culture of Caribbean indigenous people.

I have said it before but I will repeat myself now: Bo Matun for creating this wonderful place for all of us to gather and share.
Taino Ti
Miguel Sobaoko Koromo Sague
Caney Indigenous Spiritual Circle
Comment by Caracoli on June 18, 2009 at 11:21pm
Hey Max

Don't be a stranger, I would miss you

I have no problem with the wonderful people you have left in charge

We are in good hands


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