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We Celebrated Taino Spring Equinox in Western Pennsylvania March 23, 2013


It was a pleasure to share our Taino Equinox tradition on Saturday March 23 2012 with a  group of my dear friends from the Peaceburgh community here at the CANEY INDIGENOUS SPIRITUAL CIRCLE Verona Pennsylvania Healing and Teaching Lodge.  

In the tradition of our Caney Circle we  honored the birth of Lord Yoka Hu, the spirit of Life and the infinite generosity of his mother the cosmic matriarch, Ata Bey as she once again blessed us with the essence of vitality and energy at the beginning of another year of LIFE. We enacted the sacred Boa Constrictor serpent dance in which the women of our group weave a long braided rope effigy of Ata Bey's medicine animal

and then afterward dance the snake back to the men of the community.

After the serpent dance we once again enacted the sacred ceremony in which we symbolize the separation of the fetal Yoka Hu from his mother's womb and his birth. This is done by untying the cord bonds that have connected the three-point image of the Life Lord from the stone hoop which represents his mother's uterus since Solstice Ceremony in December.



 Our circle ceremony was capped by a great guanara sweatlodge for which our dear brother Sol Shanti served as guatu fire-keeper.



It was a wonderful honor for us at the Pittsburgh area Caney Circle to share this beautiful ritual with our local Peaceburgh friends.

Seneko Kakona to all our relatives

Taino Ti


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Comment by Miguel Sague Jr on April 12, 2013 at 4:50pm

My sister Tenanche. It is greatfor me  to be able to stand back and allow the natural course of action take form as you, the principal woman beike of the Caney Circle took change of this uniquely female ceremony and helped it develop into the beautiful and sacred thing that it was. Our Caney Circle is fortunate for the strong and capable participation of power women who are the protagonists of the current transition of power from the male patriarchal mentality to a more matrifocal one. 

Comment by Tenanche Semi-Ata Rose Golden on April 12, 2013 at 8:25am

It is always a pleasure for me to participate and help to facilitate the women's ceremony at Spring Equinox . The weaving of the sacred coa snake was very powerful as we sang and chanted to Ata Bey, Mother Earth to honor the reawakening of the earth and rebirth of the herbs, grasses and plants that nourish us with their life-force energy (Yoka Hu). What a blessing!

Seneko Kakona,


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