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At 1:40pm on January 5, 2024, Ronald Morris said…

Good day,
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Best regards,

At 1:41am on June 10, 2009, Anita Pagan said…
Hey nene!

No se sabe de ti! Hope all is well with you :)

Un beso y un abrazo,
tu amiga siempre
At 3:11am on April 27, 2009, Arenahi said…
Hey, join the language group, I would love your input!
At 11:09am on April 6, 2009, Iris Antongiorgi Concepcion said…


At 12:59pm on February 20, 2009, Iris Antongiorgi Concepcion said…
At 2:10pm on February 11, 2009, Iris Antongiorgi Concepcion said…

MySpace Graphics
At 7:00pm on February 8, 2009, Iris Antongiorgi Concepcion said…
Nice to have you as a friend
Kathys Comments

Kathys Comments
At 2:42am on February 8, 2009, iukibuel said…
I heard rumors, Mr. Forte, that this very large Taino warrior lurking in swimming pools can swallow a mananti whole. Protect your local neighborhood manatis!
At 1:00am on January 27, 2009, Maximilian Forte said… don't know how to say this, and I don't mean to alarm you...

But there appears to be a very large Taino warrior lurking in your swimming pool.
At 12:15pm on January 8, 2009, Ivy said…
Hahahaha yes I know exactly how it is! I am expecting my fourth (and LAST) child this summer...going out to eat is always an adventure!
At 10:24am on January 7, 2009, Ivy said…
You can't be worse with names than my husband, TRUST ME. lol He grew up around Fordham Rd., what area are you from?
As for the restaurant, no, we sold it last Nov. but he is dying to re-open soon and there's a long line of customers that will be ready to bust the door open! But we'll's a lot of work and takes up most of your time, although I have to admit it was a lot of fun.
At 3:43pm on January 6, 2009, Ivy said…
Hi Jorge! Yes, my husband is from the Bronx, wouldn't that be something if u guys knew each other?!
At 5:12am on January 3, 2009, Juan Almonte said…
Compai, happy new year to you and your family.

I put up a picture that was taken by a cousin on a airplane., right above our beatufull kiskeya. When you get a chance check it out. It actually came out pretty clear.

Anyways un abrazo da waitiao.
At 1:22am on December 27, 2008, Juan Almonte said…
Hey compai, I hope you and yours are having a good holidya.

Something intersting. I just finish seeing a pbs program. The host went to indonesia. She visited some of the areas. One area was actually called sarawak. For a second there I thought it was in south america. They even had tabaco and use words that sounded arawak. They lived like indians and used many ameridians tool/weapon. Funny one of them even looked like an uncle of mine. Mind boggling how connected we are to the asians.

I did find it wierred that the words were very arawak or sounding like arawak. I am not to knowlegable so maybe I heard them wrong. But some did sound like dominican campesino words
At 12:06am on December 24, 2008, Juan Almonte said…
Hey compai, After I left the mussuem. I realized that I might have been a bit rude. You were so gracious with your time that I didnt want to intrude more than I did. But when i mean rude. I should had said hello to your son first and then excused myself to the restroom.

I tried to get incontact with my friend but his cell didnt get the singal. I am sure he will be happy to get a copy of the dictionrays that is if you dont mind.

The one thing that I keep forgetting to asked you was about taino necklace. I wanted to see if I can maybe make one or buy one. Wanted your recomendatoins. I want something I can ware in public. I think part of the resurgence is letting other know who we are.

I also been wanting to asked what part of kiskeya is your wife from?

Anyways my brother thanx so much for you time. Please know that I appricated it.
At 4:30am on December 23, 2008, Juan Almonte said…
Compai, I know looks are not a good indicator of how much ameridan blood we got. Chuck Noris is a good example of that. But jesus in that picture you look extreamly Native american.
At 11:09pm on December 22, 2008, Juan Almonte said…
I disagree the old picture looked good. Not to say the new one doesnt look good.

Tomorrow dude.
At 5:13pm on December 22, 2008, Juan Almonte said…
New picture, Wepa I didnt know we had taino models.

I will see you tomorrow.
At 3:21pm on December 22, 2008, Juan Almonte said…
Compai, thats great. If you dont mind I think I will be in the city tomorrow doing some consulting work in the morning. I will probably be able to stop in the afternoon. I got your work number, if you want I can call you first to confirm? Regardeless if I got work or not I will go into the city to make a copy.

Bo matum my waitio. (Im learning)
At 6:55pm on December 21, 2008, Juan Almonte said…

I found a book (Languages of the Pre-Columbian Antilles) below is the link to it.

(diccionario taino llusstrado (serie puerto rico phrhistorico) (spanish edition) Below is the link. This one is out of print

I am really surprised that I only found these two. One is out of print and the other may or may not only be a taino dictionary.

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