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At 1:40pm on January 5, 2024, Ronald Morris said…

Good day,
I picked interest in you after going through your short profile and demanding it is necessary for me to write to you immediately. I have something very important to disclose to you, but I found it difficult to express myself here, since it's a public site.Could you please get back to me on ( for full details.
Best regards,

At 11:15am on April 5, 2010, Theodore R. Morris said…
Hi can see my new paintinge my wed . I've stopped paainting the taino for now...not sure what I will do with them. So I'm doinng some paintings for my upcoming exhibits at Amelia Island and Naples.Hope alls well in the islands mon. Ted
At 10:21am on June 5, 2009, Steve Lenik said…
yeah good to talk to you. I took a look at xmind and it has helped shape some of my ideas in this dissertation chapter I'm working on.
I'm also trying to write up some of the Carib stuff I did on Dominica a couple years ago, I'll keep you posted on that.
At 8:11pm on April 5, 2009, Jonathan said…
Hello and thanks for the add.

How are you ?

I left a post in the Language group and thought perhaps you might have some insight on the subject.

By chance have you gotten a chance to read "Sociedad y Economia de los Tainos" by Francisco Moscoso ? I acquired a copy of the text, but have been unable to read it as I have been busy with school. I am happy to have acquired a copy of this text for my collection. I hope to study Pre Columbian and Post Columbian Religion among The Taino.
At 1:28pm on November 20, 2008, Bryan Burgos said…
I read your paper about Tibes, which has great information. I really learned a lot and I appreciate you having those papers on your website!. After reading your paper I got the book "Ancient Boriquen" by Peter Siegell and I'm almost done with it. I took and archaeology class in High School in Puerto Rico in 1990, now while reading the book and your papers I noticed that everything I knew of our indigenous past is changing. I'll continue reading the rest of your papers and I'll keep an eye for new papers too, I really appreciate the time you take to put those in your website! keep up the good work!
At 1:37am on November 1, 2008, Guy Marco said…
Are you going to check out POW-WOW this wekend?
Central Florida Fair Ground, High Way 50, Orlando.
At 2:14pm on October 1, 2008, Theodore R. Morris said…
Hi is my sketch for my first painting based on a Taino cemi from the Turks & Caicos. If the photos don't come through let me know at email: Any suggestions? Thanks, Ted
At 1:13pm on September 1, 2008, Lisa M. Marrero said…
Hi josh, just passing by to say HI, thank u for inviting me. best wishes.
At 3:16pm on August 29, 2008, Mark W. Hauser said…
Josh, thank you for inviting me. This looks like it might be a great forum.
At 1:17pm on August 9, 2008, adem medina cardona said…
Gooooood Morning Joshua and Max (too much cafe! jajaja)
Is there a way in which the system can be set so that as individual members post blog posts to their own pages, we can be notified. At this point I have no way of knowing who has posted without visiting each and every page. The good news is that ICN is growing in leaps and bounds. However, since some people post often and others not at all, it can be time consuming checking each members page. There are some truly awesome posts worth reading/viewing. I am posting one today that I would like to have everyone be aware of. Any hope for some type of front page list of new blog posts by our members? ~c
At 1:04pm on August 3, 2008, Ray Osborne said…
Hi, I was planning on having my new book at the Florida Voices Book Fair but they canceled. We are not going to cancel our plans to Gainesville but would like to visit the Museum. I am looking for material for my next book. Can you give me any suggestions in (finding aids) and contacts with the museum and collections?
At 7:26pm on July 31, 2008, adem medina cardona said…
Noooooo! After 7 years in Puerto Rico it is too difficult to survive here in this terribly cold and hostile environment!
No, even though I cry all winter and am heard muttering nothing but, ''I wanna go home!'', the people here are quite friendly for the most part, and I can still go kayaking, climbing, hiking, camping…The mountains, lakes, rivers and beaches are spectacular. I just need to get over my cold bloodedness. Well, that, and I am getting quite sick of people asking me for my green card. Looks like I will have to give in and exchange my PR license for an Oregon one.
At 2:34pm on July 31, 2008, Ray Osborne said…
Thanks for the welcome.
At 10:45am on July 31, 2008, Caracoli said…
It is indeed a pleasure to belong to a site like this
At 10:38am on July 31, 2008, Miguel Sague Jr said…
Greetings Josh, I am very interested in the work that you are doing. i try to follow as much of the archeological work that is being done in the Caribbean as I posibly can and am a subscribe member of two Caribbean archeology forums
the last of whom has covered the Jacanas site developments with a grea deal of interest. see post submitted to the forum on July 26

I am also an acquaintance of well-known American archeologist David Watter of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh, who is partially responsible for helping bring about the publication of Cuba's first widely distributed archeological material since Castro's takeover in 1959. He knew and worked closely with Ramon Dacal Moure, Cuba's archeology giant.
As my posts show I am ambivalent about the developments at Jacanas. I firmly hold that the mterial that was taken to Georgia had no business leaving Puerto Rico and needs to be returned immediatelly, however I am very suspiscious of the motives of the official archeological establishment on the island, especially those associated with the Institute.
At 1:03am on July 31, 2008, adem medina cardona said…
Please do not expell Max! well at least until he has answered all my many questions! jaja!
At 6:20pm on July 14, 2008, Maximilian Forte said…
Joshua, you have done a tremendous job in getting so many people to join, thanks for spreading the word. If I can add you as a co-administrator of the network, would you be interested? Just think, you would have the power to boot me from the network! Anyway, let me know.
At 9:56am on July 14, 2008, Scott M Fitzpatrick said…
Hey Josh - yeah, thanks for the invite. Looking forward to participating. By the way, do you happen to have a .pdf of your paper in the "Geoinformatics" volume? I have the book, but would love to have a copy to distribute to students for class.
At 10:33pm on July 8, 2008, Rogelio Velazquez said…
I pass by Miguel's house yesterday afternoon on my return to the hotel, and talk with him a little. He send you "un saludo y un abrazo" and hope to see you sometime in the future if he is still alive. I invited him to see the excavations and he will pass by.
Thanks again for inviting me to join this site.
At 11:31am on May 2, 2008, Peter Siegel said…
Thanks Josh, I nvever joined one of these things before so will see how it is now.

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