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Taino Ti

I have been in the Taino Resurgance monvement for 14 years now and I'm getting concerned at the latest trend of Taino reenactments that I'm seeing in the Caribbean islands and the USA.

I'm in the TAINO RESURGANCE MOVEMENT and want no part of people playing to Indian stereotypes playing on what they think the Taino acted 500 years ago.

In all of my 14 years I have remained a naboria but I have seen a plethora of so called Cacikes, Behikes, Bojitis and Nitainos come after me playing to Indian stereotypes.

Its time for a new restoration!!!

What does the community think ???

I'm ducking!!!!

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To me this thread didn't start with putting people down it started with criticism of re-enactments. It got messy later, but there was a lot that was said behind the scenes that people may not have been privy to so what looks like a mean conversation on the surface might not be as mean as one might think.

On the other hand, it seems like if you speak up against something you're accused of being negative or putting people down. If you don't speak up against something then you're accused of not doing anything or not caring.

Personally I haven't spoken up in a while because I could see that the convo was going no where though I thought it was productive. I stopped talking lest I be accused of "having an ego" or "wanting to be right" not to mention I'm not Taino so I don't know all the x, y's and z's that go on. There are other things I want to say, but after reading the other threads and this one I'm just not gonna say them. I'm just so tired of all this mess, for real.

I think this is what happens in real life, and people who start new groups and organizations are voting with their feet in the absence of being able to formally vote and elect their leaders. In my case I just distance myself from certain people.
I could have not said it better myself. Keisha you have the talent of saying alot with few words.
Being a Proud Boricua and multi-lingual, can you please explain this?!?!?!?!
Ahh, Arawakmix from, you found this place.
Anyway, I'm not sure who Luis Monsanto is responding to, since what he's saying is what many of us including Brooke and Tainoray have been saying, perhaps even maybe a bit stronger.
Oh no I wasn't talking to you Luis about the different name, I was talking to Samuel who posts on another board that I do. Your post is much clearer now about who you were addressing.
Your writing style is unmistakable.
hahaha no... I can't explain it but some people have a distinct way of writing. You're not the only one, dont' worry.


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