If we were to espouse our Afro-Caribbean heritage by using these items..

[Afro wigs, Black Face, and leopard or zebra prints as regalia]

We would be identified as being ignorant, and racist. A uprising would occur to boycott such a disgraceful display of an "Afro-Caribbean" person.

However when it comes to espousing our indigenous heritage with items...

[Native wig, Tanning cream/bronzer, and skirt flaps as regalia]

Are considered (in most cases the majority) cultural, artistic, educational, authentic, and the real deal. So why are there so many people apt to accept and verify this behavior without any considerable significant amounts of oppositions?

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Woo Hoo Kacian

Now how would I look like wearing a diaper with bronze skin cream ? I would be arrested for indecent exposure lol. I wouldn't mind going to Japan though and that Afro wig has a retro 70s feel to it.
Burn Baby Burn, Disco Inferno!!!

Great post Brooke

Because of copyright laws I can't post pictures of the Concillio Guatu Macu of Boriken. On there site and sites linked to them they performed a mock funeral , a reenactment of a cohoba ceremony, the most sacred of our ceremonies at that in full Taino like costume. Black wigs, bronze skin cream and all. I kid you not, I couldn't believe what i was seeing. You would never see the Lakota doing a mock sundance or a sweat lodge on stage, how about a reenactment of the Ghost Dance ? That would be as the Catholics say "sacrilegous" or as some natives say "Taboo" but sadly for some Taino reenactment groups its business as usual.

More sadly some of my own brothers and sisters would come after me saying "who are you to criticize their artistic expression" but I would be remiss not to report what these "reenactment groups" post on their sites for the world to see. I feel this type of behavior hurts the serious restoration efforts that so many of us have worked hard for since the people who are doing these mock ceremonies on stage are "verified" Cacikes and united with council members of legitimate Taino yucayekes. May the Creator help us.


Seriously I think most Tainos are unaware of this type of behavior. I'm in the Taino Resurgance Movement and do not play to stereotypes. Mocked or not.
Dang, straight to the point. Keen observation as usual Brooke. I never got the wearing of wigs part. Are they only Taino when they have a wig on? As was brought up in the "On Not Looking Indian" thread it makes me feel sad when I see people "apologizing" for their looks through actions like that. Doesn't matter if your hair is stick straight or has curls and kinks galore. If you're Native then you're Native!


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