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"God's chosen people (blond, blue eyed) were here in North America before the Indians. Our scriptures teach the truth. They came here first and some of them went south, both literally AND figuratively. They were sent south by God because they became disintegrated people, so God punished them and that is who the Mayan people are, disintegrated people." ~my neighbor said this in front of my son (pictured above) just before he left my house on noche buena.

I interrupted with, "Ok, that is enough. I have taken in just about enough of that." I followed up about 15 minutes later with a serious talk about racism to my son.

I have arrived in the USA after a serious financial crisis and on the eve of the election of Obama. It has been clear to me that racism in the USA is on the rise. I believe it is the increased competition for resources elevating the issue. No longer are people content with the old standard, "I am not racist, I am color blind." Essentially, I don’t see your color, so can't we just all be white?? Why is it that we have not learned from our past mistakes?

When will we learn to acknowledge and respect each other as part of the HUMAN race, a rich tapestry of culture and COLORS?

This 2009, celebrate our differences and make them a place where we can come together in peace and luv.

I challenge all of you to face these moments with peace and strength from within so that we are not drawn in to the violence. Stand strong, with hope and dignity.

Your sister~c

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I know some people have the mentality that if taino women who mind you some where as young as 10 yo were not raped then some of us would not be here. This could be the case but its still should not be glorified.

With that said that is not everybody story. I am sure in any of the island there could be pure taino, there could be tainos who are just taino and african. Not evey body is of the three races..

I know in kiskeya dna strands has confirmed that in certain parts of the island we were unmixed and what ever mixture some of us have was very recent.
You're damn right we created the Resurgance movement in NYC, you think Tainos are in the past and you display my ancestors bones for entertainment hutia!!!

This Ning or other Taino sites would not be here if it wasn't for us Spaniord!!!
Whoa, I think we went a lil off track here! lol Everyone look at the pic of that beautiful little boy again and imagine how he must have felt when that "man" said those EVIL things to him! Imagine it was your son. It hurts me and angers me deeply to know that this kind of brainwashing and lying is going on today (but Carrie, I'm sure you did a GREAT job teaching your son!). I myself experience it on a regular basis here in upstate NY and wish I could protect my kids from going through it themselves, but all I can do is educate them. They unfortunately are being given negative messages from both sides: from the ignorant white people that populate this city, and from their father's religion-- he is an Israelite. He's from Ecuador but has recently converted to this evil religion (as many religions are) which is just as bad as the Mormon church. They teach that ALL white people are evil and that blacks and Hispanics are the true Israelites. But hey, maybe the mixed messages that my children are getting will cancel each other out?! lol But basically it all comes down to being a human being. To think yourself better than another (whether it's based on skin color or not) is just ridiculous.
Yes, indeed. The boy is a very good looking kid.

The isrealites are a bunch of ingnorants basing there beliefs on the way they twist the scriptures. As I said earlire the native people (that would include some of the so called hispanic, remember hispanic is a linguistic term not a racial) anyways native people dont not come from the middle east. There is no way of connecting them. Native are mongloids, not arabs.
"I don't identify as Taino, but mixed ancestry man.I was raised contemporary Puerto Rican"

Remember that Yarima!!!!
Thats what you said

Ruben, I dont know if they are in spain. But there is a group here called isrealits. They claim that native american came by boat before culumbus did to the americans. They claim that native american are part of the isrealites tribes.
Samual, I dont see a hit reply for the below comment you made.

yes, there can be pure tainos, but it could be a very small percentage.(less than 2%)

I will not put a number on it. I dont know. But I dought that if you take boriken, kiskeya and cuba the numbers will be that low.

Remeber they said that we were extinct. We have tainos who till this day have no clue they are taino. I know there are part of kiskeya and cuba that are very secluded. So I really dought that the number will be that low. Also I am sure not all us are tri racial.
No you did not understand me. I dont agree that we are all tri-racial. I dont believe we are all triracial.
lots of comments here
overwhelming at times
uplifting at others
i was writing about my experiences
and that of my children
my dream is to teach those who would consider us disintegrated people by using principles of peace, integrity and SELFrespect


´´This 2009, celebrate our differences and make them a place where we can come together in peace and luv.

I challenge all of you to face these moments with peace and strength from within so that we are not drawn in to the violence. Stand strong, with hope and dignity´´
oh yeah

he IS a cute kid

not that i would be biased in this case

ok, so sometimes i AM biased



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