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"God's chosen people (blond, blue eyed) were here in North America before the Indians. Our scriptures teach the truth. They came here first and some of them went south, both literally AND figuratively. They were sent south by God because they became disintegrated people, so God punished them and that is who the Mayan people are, disintegrated people." ~my neighbor said this in front of my son (pictured above) just before he left my house on noche buena.

I interrupted with, "Ok, that is enough. I have taken in just about enough of that." I followed up about 15 minutes later with a serious talk about racism to my son.

I have arrived in the USA after a serious financial crisis and on the eve of the election of Obama. It has been clear to me that racism in the USA is on the rise. I believe it is the increased competition for resources elevating the issue. No longer are people content with the old standard, "I am not racist, I am color blind." Essentially, I don’t see your color, so can't we just all be white?? Why is it that we have not learned from our past mistakes?

When will we learn to acknowledge and respect each other as part of the HUMAN race, a rich tapestry of culture and COLORS?

This 2009, celebrate our differences and make them a place where we can come together in peace and luv.

I challenge all of you to face these moments with peace and strength from within so that we are not drawn in to the violence. Stand strong, with hope and dignity.

Your sister~c

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our apartment building has 2 swiming pools, one for whites and one for browns

mind boggling

isnt it????
i am not joking
we have segregated swimming here
Ruben I wrote I was confused cause I didnt think she was joking. Read the below
I am confused carrie?
yet, still handsome
just playing
what is the confusion?
Yeah indeed very good looking boy.

No I meant that swimming pool thing. Ruben thinks its a joke but I actualy dont think you meant it as a joke. But in this day in age they still do that.
ha! ha! ha!

Talk about confustion. I just reread your post. Thanx for the compliment. Comming from a hottie it means alot.
Agreed white supremacy is still alive and well and practiced by misguided latinos, hispanics, tri racials, etc

The teachings of Joseph Campbell, Diop, Tony Browder, John Henrik Clarke, Dr. Ben, Dr Jeffries emancipated me from the middle eastern religions. I admire the people of Kemit and know that their spirituality is being plagerized today.

The christian religions conquered and enslaved millions and to hear tri racial puerto ricans say that the modern day christian religions are absolved from taking any responsibility is insulting.

Creoles in Boriken say that they are tri racial and don't get me wrong some of it is good but because they are mixed somehow it dilutes the Taino. They don't identify as Taino and at worst don't want anybody to identify as Taino either. Through education and cultural freedom Tainos in NYC affirmed their aboriginal identity. It could not happen and did not happen in the Caribbean because of the scourge of white supremacy. We have in the USA fine examples of resurgence that Tainos emulated.

You misunderstood me. I am stating that not every one is triracial. That is another myth.

Are thy tri-racials, yes. But I am sure in boriken , cuba and kiskeya there are people who are one or two races. I know in kiskeya there are people who are full blooded africans and some who are just white and african. If we were all triracials then in kiskeya taino ancestory would be 100% but its not. It only 15%. The same could be said about boriken and cuba.
this creole is the one that mentioned blood quantum to divert from the real issue.

Creoles use blood quantum to dilute the Taino. Creoles have no problem identifying as African or Spanish but say you are a Taino then out comes the blood quantum argument.

To creoles no one can be Taino. Why do you think there is NOT a Taino resurgance in Boriken or Kiskeya ? The creoles and academia won't allow it.

Colonized Boricuas, Colonized Kiskeyanos, Colonized Minds.

Guakia Taino

Guakia Yahabo

We are Taino

And we are still here!!!!!

for some resean the taino has always been negated. The way I see it. If native american would have gone to europe and do what was done to us. After 500 yo those spaniord who have native admixture would be very small. Maybe 1/16 1/8 on some.

But for some resean a hand full of europeans came to our lands a handfull of them mixed and know our taino is wiped out. This is not true. DNA strands has confirmed that many of us were even unmixed untill recent.

By hand full I am saying if you compare couple of million indians to thousand spaniords.
The first thing that we agree with.


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