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Actually danielle.

Thats a myth started by columbus. The caribs, taino, ciboney, lokono, are actuly related. Trust me none of these folks eat poeople, LOL
How do you know it's a myth though? From what I have read, the Taino of the southeast of Hispaniola were condsidered the most brave because they were so close to Puerto Rico, where the Caribs lived. Eventually, some Carib tribes were allowed to join the Taino tribe as long as they did not eat people. So ur telling me that none of this is true?
Danille if I am not mistaken. Columbus actually label them that in his death bead. He was getting back at them. Remember that many european actuolly belive that not only taino but all native people of the american were wiped out thanx to the colonazation periond. We both know thats not true. There were many myth created during this time. The caribs are actully not the only who have stained with that. The spaniords also started the myth of the mayan eating people. Other native too.
No we did not eat people and there has never been any solid proof that we have. Of course we've been saying this from the beginning of time but no one listens to us.

The situation between Caribs and Tainos is more complex than the books make it out to be. And you're right, some groups did engage in things that wouldn't fly today, like bride capture amongst the Caribs. That we did. But eat people we did not.
I concur, the spanish said these things to demonize the indigenous people to justify the taking of Carib lands. Tainos who fought back were labeled cannibals. Get it straight, the Taino nor the Caribs our bretheren have never been Cannibals
Let's get a couple of facts straight people!!! There are afew too many hot heads here and things are being overlooked.

FACT; Caribs were NOT cannibals. The story was that when Columbus was returning from present day Guadaloupe to Boriken , he was talking to a former Taino captive after he (Columbus) had encountered a Carib village. There, Columbus had witnessed a village of Caribs that had in its center a fire going with a big "Pot" boiling with several dismembered human body parts. The Conquistadors quickly assumed that the Caribs were "Cooking the flesh of conquered enemies, and cooking them for consumption". The fact was that the Caribs on that particular day were conducting a funeral. The bodies of the dead were being boiled to separate the flesh from the bone (As it's STILL being practiced by many Cariban tribes). They took the bones to grind them, and mixed them into a "soup" of vegetables and staples that was to be consumed by the relatives of the departed. This was done so that the spirit of the departed had a "Body to live in within their family and people". The remaining bones were placed in a basket that was hung in the center of the "bohio" of the immediate family of the departed so that they may always remain in a familiar home. That former Taino captive tried to communicate that they (the Caribs) were "the fierce ones", as the Tainos knew them. He also told them "Taino wa'hakia ka" meaning "We are the noble (or good) ones". Despite what the Spaniards had known at the time of our language, they still used the "Cannibalism" story as an excuse to take Native lands without recourse to the Spanish Crown. The fiercest Taino warriors were known to be in Boriken, site of the biggest Taino/Carib battles. The Caribs knew it to be so to the extent that they called Boriken "The Island of Blood", although some even lived in the southeast Boriken and Kiskeya before the Taino and Caribs came to the first accord in written history of two opposing Native peoples that made peace to fight a common enemy; The Conquistador!!! To this day, the Taino and Carib can be together and remember the day in which our ancestors made that accord and after more than 500 years, that accord, peace and fellowship exists!!! I hope other cultures in this planet can learn from what these "Savages" did way back then. One more thing that Natives can teach this world!!!!!!!!!!!!

And hey Luis chill the fuck out because you don't know me to call me rascist. Do you even know what that word means? I don't think you do because if I was so rascist I don't think I would have married a Dominican man and don't talk about how I was raised because you don't know shit.
I read these things in the book "The History Of The Dominican Republic" by Frank Moya Pons. So take it up with him, not me. He is suppossed to be the foremost knowledgable person when it comes to the history of the Dominican Republic.

I find it do funny how you al freak out the minute I bring up something that you say is wrong from the history books but you are so quick to believe what the history books say about Europeans. Like as an example, Juan you said to Ruben that Columbus said that his men were sucking dick on the ships so it seems you believe that, but when it comes to the Caribs being cannibals you don't believe that. Why do you believe one thing and not the other? Maybe Columbus lied about what his men were doing after they turned on him and had him sent back to Spain in chains. He was a shady motherfucker. So while I don't disregard your outlook as a possible truth, the same should be said about everything else Columbus documented. And by the way Luis I'm not spanish so I wasn't a conquisitor thanks.

I was being silly with that comment. I meant that rubens acestors where in the ship doing that.

You mentioned fran moya pons. Dont read his shit. He is a lier and makes up story with no back up. His stuff was posted here before. I and other disected his shit. He doesnt even no the basics.
Yeah I know you send me your request. I accepted when we I frist joined the site. Why are you mentioning that?

Ruben"My ancestors where honorable People. No one of my ancesors hurt you"

Dude lets not start this again. I was just tell danille how silly that comment was and know you write this.
Thank you Juan. Who should I read from? I am an aspiring novelist and I need to research the history of the Dominican Republic, which emphasis on the Trujillo period. I have dedicated so much time to that book by him :(
Danielle I was talking about his writing on taino history. I havent read any of his stuff regarding the truillijo era.

But if you are researching this era. I heard there is a good book called "la isla al reves" (not sure If I spelled that correctly) It was writtne by balaguer. I am sure you know who he is. Anyways he was truijjo right hand man. But also the man who helped take him down. If I find out more sources I well let you know.

But anything you read about tainos here is a good source to double check. Many taino history, culture etc are not correct. Keep in mind that you dont have to be european to have a eurocentric point of view. You dont have to be african to have a afro centric point of view eighther.
Ruben I just saw and accepted your frienship request. I didnt now there is a experation date on that. Unless you took me off?


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