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Meeting #57 6-28-2020

Meeting Minutes



attachment #1 Acquisition of 501c3 status documentation 

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attachment #2

attachment #2 Behike Bo Report

attachment #3 Treasurer's Report

part a.)

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attachment #4 Peace and Dignity Journeys activities 2018, 2019 and 2020

December 2018 published an online promotional video presenting the Cuba Taino run. More recently we have been using this video to promote our fund drive.

November 2019 traveled to Cuba. In Cuba I retrieved the Cuba PDJ sacred feathered staff which is normally kept there. I organized prayers and ceremonies as well as a run of the feathered staff on a beach in one of the main Taino communities of the country, Baracoa.

November (a) organizational meeting at the Baracoa Museum

November (b) ceremony in a sacred cave

November (b) The sacred feathered staff was run on a beach near Baracoa

March 2020 started a fundraiser to help support the Cuba Taino sacred feathered staff run in the main transcontinental trek.

April 2020 (a) As a result of the coronavirus pandemic the main coordinating council of PDJ modified the prayer to make up for the fact that runners would not be able to run the sacred feathered staffs through multiple countries of the American continent.

April 2020 (b) Main PDJ coordinating council calls for a continent-wide celebration of fire performed individually at personal homes but coordinated.

April 2020 The Sague family performs the fire ceremony before the Cuba Taino sacred feathered staff at their home, the Verona Teaching Lodge, Verona, Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh.

The funds raised to support this year's PDJ runs will be deposited in a special fund in the Caney Circle account and saved for the next time they are needed to support future PDJ activities.

attachment #5

attachment #5 Bylaws amendments_ This is a copy of the Caney Circle bylaws that contains all of the amendments requested by the Behike Bo.

attachment #6

attachment #6 Code of Conduct_ This is a new code of conduct for Caney Circle behikes that the Behike Bo is requesting be adopted by the board.

attachment #7

attachment #7 In May the behikes of the Caney Circle around the world celebrated the Full Moon Ceremony and Sirik

attachment #8

attachment #8 In June of 2019 we were invited to make a presentation at the INTERDICIPLINARY ENVIRONMENTAL ASSOCIATION's annual conference, which was held in Boriken that year. The invitation came from Dr Greg CroninAssociate Prof. of Integrative Biology & Sustainability at the University of Colorado, Denver. He is also the founder and vice president of Yon Cel Lanmou, a trans-disciplinary scholarship and non-profit environmental rehabilitation entity in Haiti. His work on the Caribbean island has awakened an interest in the Taino Resurgence Movement on the part of Dr Cronin. Our presentation, whose theme was "DECOLONIZING MIND BODY AND LAND",  included a keynote address by Miguel Sague, a talk by our friend in the Boriken Taino Resurgence Movement, Yari Sierra, on the topic of environmental activism on the island, and a talk by Caney Circle behike trainee Rafael Torres of Ciales, on the topic of the history of Taino Resurgence in Boriken.

attachment #9

attachment #9 In June of 2020 the behikes of the Caney Circle celebrated that month's full moon ceremony and also the Summer Solstice ceremony

attachment #10 As part of the Caney Circle's on-going program of public education and information of the Taino community at large we published a number of facebook articles as well as new blogs and videos on various subjects relevant to Taino spirituality and culture. This is just a sample of the information that we shared.

(a) Blog on the subject of the four directions

(b) Blog on the subject of early colonial period Taino ceremonial beadwork

(c) Blog on the subject of the role of reptiles in Taino sacred tradition


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