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The way to Atabey is through Caguana

This is the thought I seem to think when thinking of Atabey. The three manifestations are so real even when I think of my own mother or even myself being a single dad. Taking on the mothering role.

Spirit and Love, Nurturing, and at times Gua Ban Ceh, roaring like a black panther.

The Maha is already within my Guaiko on each side of the alter. I dug up to large stones that to me look like snake heads, I added stones behind the both maha heads to form the body of each snake.

I have the turtle also, soon the Kaiman will be present with my alter.  I remember visiting with Abuela Naniki and expressing my sadness that she was alone most of the time. She said she was with her momma, meaning Atabey.

We were speaking about the abuse to atabey, I asked Abuela, why doesnt  Atabey just swallow us up and be done with it. She said - Atabey has so much compassion for her care takers she would never hurt them in such a way, she will sacrifice herself first. 

Everything that is a mother, grandmother and woman is represented completely in all of Atabey. The knowing of Atabey is already in us, Bo Matum for waking this thought in my heart Bohike Miguel.


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This are extremely powerful personal insights on the subject of the great Mother spirit, my brother, and I feel that it deserves greater discussion. I hope the other behikes here read this important info and respond with their own opinions.

Taino Ti


Takahi Tiao,

When I think of Atabey, it stirs a deep emotion with in me, because there are many interpretations of "the mother" within us, regardless of our endowed sex. Men and women nurture and love with great intensity their children. The human children are taken care of by Atabey, so are the fruits we harvest. There is a deep connection with nature, the winged relatives, the human, and all creatures. Our task is to recognize that as creatures of this world, we are related and share a responsibility to our mother, our daughters and sons, to our grandmothers, to our gifted surroundings, and ultimately, our ancestors who watch over us. As I ponder these things, I think of, how we lack care of our surroundings(inclusively-everything). We travel the earthly and the spiritual journey at the same time. How we feel about ourselves determine the treatment we give to others. If we nurture and love ourselves in a spiritual way, we convey this to others and are able to care for our mother,Atabey, and our earthly mothers. Bo Miguel is right to say, "the knowing of Atabey is already within us." When I work in my garden, I thank Atabey for giving up nourishment in the form of plants; I speak to the mothers and daughter plants, I touch them and speak to them, I caress them by not using chemicals, I touch them with love; as I water them, I allow myself to feel the connection we have to Ata. I need to stop now, because this discussion can go on forever.Seneko Kakona

Hahom for allowing me to voice my opinion.

So beautifully said.

This is a very beautiful and touching post.


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